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Monday, March 3, 2014

ladies, our worries are over!

We've discovered no calorie chocolate.

Ta-Da!  the evidence....

** (I have gone to pick up junk food for the house, when a customer in line behind me notices the chocolate bars I’ve selected. They are a brand that leaves tiny air bubbles inside the chocolate.)

Customer: “Oh! I just love those!”

Me: “Heh, yeah. They’re a favorite in the household.”

Customer: “I love them because they took all the calories out!”

Me: “The orange ones are the best, I— Wait, what?”

Customer: “Oh, don’t you know? Those holes are where the calories used to be!”  **

**copied from 

See? Problem solved.  
Unless you don't like that brand of chocolate, if that's the case, I can't help you.


  1. Such a helpful service. I must rush out and buy some.

  2. AHA, I know the ones! peppermint and plain if I remember correctly? I must rush out and grab some, they will be perfect for this strict low cal diet I'm on ;)

  3. No one believes me when I tell them if they crumble the cookies all the calories escape....

  4. It looks like I need to rent a Uhaul!

  5. So, if I eat those instead, I'll be less (kit kat) chunky and more streamlined and aero-dynamic?

  6. Ah yes and a hole of a good idea. Such a bubbly posting :)


  7. Elephant's Child; I did just that. It's possible my chocolate drought will end soon.

    Rose ~from OZ; the Aero bars, I don't like the peppermint ones and I don't believe we have the orange flavour here now.

    Delores; but it's true! Like breaking open a cupcake, all the calories fly out.

    Mildred; welcome to drifting. Will a U-haul be enough?

    Vicki; absolutely! (evil laugh...)

    klahanie; holey chocolates! I'm bubbling over with enthusiasm about them.

  8. Now that's a likely story...and one I think I'll stick to!

  9. If only it were true as I always loved those Aero bars and I think they come in chocolate flavour as well as peppermint which were my favourite. I've never had an orange one but am determined I will not be tempted so "get thee behind me Satan!!!"
    Love the idea though. :)

  10. Lee; it must be's on the internet....

    Mimsie; they do come in chocolate flavour, I used to buy them quite often many years ago. I bought one recently after reading the quote, but haven't eaten it yet.

  11. it must be's on the internet.... Ha, ha! I must remember that :-)

    I don't like chocolate, so it doesn't bother me either way and The Swede, who lives on chocolate and icecream yet remains stick thin, doesn't care about calories.

    One of my sisters likes Aero bars. She also thinks that it is a lighter alternative to other chocolate bars. She uses the same "logic" to declare Flakes low in calories as well if you want to eat them instead. She also believed that buying a Diet Coke cancelled out the calories in her Big Mac Meal. :-)

  12. Wow. That person did you a real service. Now you can eat all you want. No worries!

  13. Oh dear we do fool ourselves but what is life without chocolate, not too good.

  14. An exexaggeration. Any fool can tell the truth, but it requires a person of some sense to know how to tell a fib well.
    Invisible calories !!, What next.

  15. I like the peppermint holes best.

  16. Marie; I think it is very unfair that some people can eat anything they want. My ex lives on beer and chips a lot of the time and he only weighs about 5 pounds.

    Robin; all I want might not be all that many, they are rather sweet, I would get sick of them in a day or so.

    Merle; life without chocolate is unthinkable.

    Vest; I know many people who can fib well. I like the plain holes best. And I like doughnut holes, because they are holes they have no calories...

  17. Haha, I have totally caught myself thinking that chocolate has got to be less fattening because it's half air!