Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

me and my camera, we've been out walking

And look what we found!


more horses...
a shiny black horse..
this one seemed to be the youngest, now and again scampering about like a foal.

and I think this was the oldest.

a few had coats on

this one looked like she might be coming over to say hello, but she changed her mind

these are all in a horse agistment paddock in one of the parklands surrounding our city.
I hadn't known it even existed so I'm glad I went walkabout for the day.


  1. What a treat - and I love the beautiful backdrop scenery to their fields.

  2. Are they boarded? That is to say, many different owners who pay to stable their horses there.
    Beautiful creatures. Busy with lunch.

  3. You weren't tempted to throw a leg over and go for a canter?

  4. Horses are such beautiful creatures. A wonderful addition to your walk. :)

  5. The shiny black horse leads me to recall some favorite books and movies. What a great walk.

  6. Elephant's Child; it is a very scenic area, Aussie bush parklands with the Adelaide Hills as backdrop, yet just a few metres in the other direction is the houses (mansions) and shopping/restaurant area of North Adelaide.

    Joanne; I have no idea of any details, I believe they are privately owned horses but there doesn't appear to be any stables there. They could be further away where I couldn't see, but the whole area is quite open.

    Andrew; not at all tempted. Looking is enough for me.

    Lee; it made a nice change from photographing scenery and chimney pots.

    Susan Kane; Black Beauty, right? Me too.

  7. What a wonderful discovery. I love horses and the grey reminds me of the old horse we had on the farm when I was a little girl and 'Black Beauty' of course. I recently bought that book on eBay just for old times' sake.
    Thank you so much for sharing such a lovely 'rural' scene and yet so close to your city.

  8. Mimsie; those parklands are part of the city, next week you'll see just how close.

  9. I always think of Black Caviar when I see a glossy black horse these days. They all look very content.

    It's lovely to see that they still have horses in the parklands. They used to have them near us at Rose Park as well, when Victoria Park was simply a racetrack. I'd take the kids there when they were little to see the horses and feed them carrots and horseradish. When the Grand Prix came to town, the horses had to move, so that was sad for us. But my daughter had a friend who lived on Robe Terrace and there were horses in the parklands there.

  10. Magnificent creatures.
    I used to love caring for and riding, when we lived in the country.

  11. Marie; I thought of Black Caviar too for a minute, then I remembered Black Beauty which I must have read a thousand times as a kid. I remember horses at Victoria Park too.

    Vicki; they are magnificent...from a distance. I've patted a few on their noses and fed apples and handfuls of grass, but that's as close as I like to get.

  12. Before cars we had Horses trudging our streets ,and instead of polution we had flies, millions of them , which is worse?
    Thoroughbreds equal to Mercs
    The Quarter horse Equalled the Ute
    Cart Horse = the truck.
    Great source for Fertilizer dung , manure or whatever.
    Nice Pics. The Rural smell has gone for ever.sad.
    A bloke up the road a bit is flogging H S in a 50 litre bag for three bucks, getting some for planting the swedes and turnips when things cool.

  13. Vest; 50 litres for $3 is a great deal, get as much as you can. I remember my mum going out with a bucket and shovel to clean up after the baker's horse and further along the street other women would be doing the same.