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Monday, March 31, 2014

Musical Monday

The rules of MUSICAL MONDAY are easy:

1. Post a song of your choice under the MUSICAL MONDAY title.
2. If the song you post is not an original song, make sure credit is given to the artist.
3. Write something about your song choice. It doesn't have to be long. Just a short written glimpse inside your head to accompany your musical one will suffice.
3. Post a link back to MILDRED RATCHED MEMOIRS somewhere in your post so others can find there way here.
4. Post a comment here indicating that you're participating so Mildred and others can visit you and listen to our selection.
5. Have fun and help make Monday a musical place to be!

Let's hope this works.....

Agadoo....performed by Black Lace, found on You Tube

okay, it looks very small, I hope you can all see it. 
I chose this because it is silly and fun and I remember my kids all dancing around in the family room whenever it was played. 


  1. Crime against fashion, hair and music, but fun. Is that B1 and B2's daddy?

  2. Ahh memories. Hilarious!
    That hair. Those pants.
    Say no more :)

  3. I have heard it - but never seen it before. It is fun, but a bit cringe-worthy as well.

  4. That was those tight pants.

  5. Andrew; B1 and B2s daddy? We'll never know.

    Vicki; that hair, those pants, the dance!! what fun.

    Elephant's Child; I haven't reached the cringeworthy state yet, I'm dancing here in my chair.

    Delores; upbeat and catchy, what more could you want?

  6. Wow! I loved it and my 6yo and 2yo great-grandies would too. I wouldn't even have a clue how to put something like that on my blog so will leave it to all the clever people to do that type of thing.
    I'm still feeling the lovely beat of that 'song'. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Mimsie; it's fun isn't it? Uploading is easier than I thought. I can email you how if you'd like.

  8. Euro pop at it's "best" :-) All it needs is a wind machine.

    I'd never heard that song before in my life. I had to Google the singers and see when it was released. I see it was during the two years we spent living in Kuala Lumpur and as it was pre-internet days and western music was somewhat frowned upon, we never heard it. Obviously it wasn't featured by Molly on Countdown, either as friends recorded the program for us and sent us the tapes.

    I can't say that I miss 80s music. My tastes are firmly frozen in the 70s.

  9. Hawaiian shirts and black leather pants... well, that's a combo you don't see every day.

    This song and video were new to me. But, I see why your kids danced around when it played. It has that sort of beat...

  10. Anything that makes kids dance is always fun .

  11. Definitley a late into the night of a wedding reception number lol Maybe after the 'chicken dance' and before the 'hokey cokey'??
    Take care

  12. Marie; I liked 70s music too, but the 80s have a big influence on my i-pod. That's when my kids were teens.

    Robin; you're right, not a combination often seen, certainly not on the streets of Adelaide. Leather pants, yes, but no Hawaiian shirts.

    Merle; anything with enough beat to get ME moving is fun, never mind the kids.

    Cathy; that's a good spot for it, right after the Chicken Dance! Anyone who survives the Hokey Cokey deserves a medal.