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Saturday, March 22, 2014

the great chocolate drought of 2014

Do you all remember a post several weeks ago where I announced I'd eaten no chocolate since last November?

Well, that's over.
Well and truly over.

2 Cadbury Turkish Delights, last week
2 Cadbury Flakes, also last week
but not all on the same day.

and I've broken into the family block of plain chocolate that has been in the fridge since November 2013.

Ah well, we all knew it couldn't last.


  1. It seems you are spacing the chocolate quite nicely. Carry on.

  2. YOU GO GIRL!!! Do what I only dream of!

    I'm proud to know you.

  3. Joanne; each time was a case of late night munchies. During the daytime I still don't eat chocolate.

    lotta joy; you may find one day that you too don't want to eat chocolate anymore. It wasn't an intentional giving up, I just didn't reach for the chocolate one day....

  4. Glad to see you are back to your chocolate loving self again.

  5. Chocolate heaven returns. It seems you are having real chocolate. Not like the glorified wax they sell in North America!

    Have a good weekend, River.

    Gary :)

  6. It could be all the tai chi and that extra walking you've been doing that brought about the need for chocolate again. A subconscious reward perhaps or more sugar to boost your energy. Whatever the reason I am so glad you enjoyed it and as everything in moderation is good for us then you go ahead enjoy the chocolate.
    I have mine every night when I have my 'drumstick' during the evening when watching TV. Naughty but nice.

  7. Delores; it may not last, there isn't much chocolate in the house.

    klahanie; I've tried American chocolate, Harshey's, and really don't know how they can eat it. Sorry to all Americans reading this, but our chocolate is so much better.

    Mimsie; it was more a late night munchie thing. I'd wake up at 2am or some other ridiculous time and feel like something...anything, but didn't want to go to the trouble of making a sandwich and the chocolate was right there...

    Elephant's Child; oooh! Red Tulip rabbits! And those delicious little silver wrapped rabbits similar to Lindt but thicker chocolate and made in Germany. I've posted about those before, in 2010 I think.

  8. EC; it's from March 4th, 2011, the brand is Gubor, flip through the archives and read all about this deliciousness.

  9. You scared me. I thought I was going to be deprived of chocolate.

  10. Depriving yourself always results in a complete breakout in the end. I follow what my grandmother always said... Everything in moderation, Nothing in excess...

  11. What EC said - Easter is just around the corner.
    Mini Cadbury eggs and chocolate bunnies await you.
    And which brand are the silver wrapped rabbits you mention? I don't know of them - but I'd love to.
    Ahhh, chocolate.

  12. Cadbury Flakes are apparently "low calorie" like Aero because of all the air in it. According to my sister.... :-) Do you remember those suggestive, almost soft pornn ads for Flakes from the 1980s?

    I'm not a chocolate eater, but the Swede is a serious Chocolatarian and he loves Gubor chocolates. Here they don't do Easter eggs or chocolates, but Gubor has a nice range of Christmas themed stuff - Advent calendar, chocolate snowman etc. I buy his nibs Easter eggs from a British grocery store in Stockholm at a hugely inflated price (eg Cadbury Creme Eggs at $4.50 a pop!) which he loves.

  13. Eating too much chocolate can send my head into migraine land. But one small amount is still delightful.

  14. You did well, I've had lollies in a jar for about 18 months but chocolate gone in a wink the moment it lands home and thats only when the beer fair buys it, if I buy it I eat it on the way home.

  15. Linda; I would never deprive anyone of chocolate.

    Kymbo; I wasn't depriving myself, just wasn't in the mood for eating chocolate.

    Vicki; the silver wrapped eggs are Guber, with a blue bow around the neck and a small fake pearl hanging from the bow. I've not seen them anywhere except Coles. I hope they have them this year, I haven't checked yet. The price is similar to the Lindt bunnies but the chocolate is nicer. In my opinion.

    Marie; I'd forgotten those ads...
    I've never had any Gubor except the bunnies here at Easter, it is excellent chocolate and if I see any other chocolates from that brand I'll definitely try them.
    I don't like the Cadbury Creme eggs so your Swede van have my share. $4.50 is way too expensive for something that lasts less then two minutes!

    Susan Kane; my younger son is the same, so no chocolate for him.

    Merle; eating it on the way home is a great way to be sure you don't have to share. I used to do that when I was little, same with lollies, but these days everything gets home and none is eaten until all the groceries are packed away, then I sit down with a cuppa and something sweet.

  16. Oooh, Turkish Delights are my favorite!

  17. Jackie K; I eat Turkish Delights for maybe a week if I have any around, after that I've had enough and leave them alone. For ages.