Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

there was a little girl...

(maybe not so little....)

who had a little curl...

right in the middle of her forehead

(it was there when I woke up)

when she was good, she was very very good,

and when she was bad (tempered) she locked herself away in the flat until she felt better.

grrrr, music, playlists, walkman, hassle...better get back to it, I'll never finish otherwise.


  1. a kiss curl!
    locking yourself away for being bad tempered would only make it worse for me.
    So I’ll go for a walk and mutter instead.

  2. Well whaddayouknow....that little girls's hair is almost the same colour as mine lol.

  3. I grew up with that ditty!!! Good luck.

  4. Why does everyone who deserves it have white hair--except me!

  5. This made me smile! My mum used to say that rhyme to me when I was in a cranky mood when I was little. Haha!

  6. I too remember that rhyme and I sometimes also find I have a curl that arrives from somewhere in the night. Often takes quite a while to get it to lay in place.
    My hair is pepper and salt and still quite dark at the back. streak that refuses to go white. I have a fringe now to hide the nasty scars the shingles left on my forehead and there is one little streak that is still brown which looks rather odd.
    P.S. I wonder if you were thinking in your sleep and curling the hair around your finger as some people do when they are deep in thought?

  7. Awww, good or bad (tempered) it's very cute.
    Wish I got a kiss curl when I get bad tempered.

  8. Friko; I stay in bed and read until I feel better, no sense in inflicting my moods on the outside world.

    Delores; we could be twins...

    Elephant's Child; I remember it very well. I had curly hair and a bad temper as a child.

    Joanne; it's much more white at the front, the rest is pepper and salt.

    Cassandra; I got it from schoolkids. my mum didn't know it until I told her.

    Mimsie; I have wavy hair and the shorter bits often go curly at random times. It was straight again by lunchtime. I have more brown hair at the back too, that front bit is the whitest.

    Vicki; it didn't last long, gone by lunchtime.

  9. I'm jealous of the curl! I have dead straight hair that defies rollers, perms, rags etc. I've dreamed all my life about having masses of curls, but it was not to be. When I asked my hairdresser daughter about how I could get curly hair, she gave me the business card for that wig shop in Adelaide Arcade.

    P.S. I hope the walkman is now suitably loaded with music.

  10. I guess most of us grew up with a lot of the same nursery rhymes, huh? Funny, my hair was straight as a stick when I was a kid, but since I've become an old fartessa, it's decided to develop some waves and curls. (But I've never ever been blessed with a cute curl right in the middle of my forehead!)

  11. Marie; that curl is just one of many. The ones right behind my ears grow into ringlets if I let them. I always wanted really long hair that I could sit on when I was little, now I still dream of that sometimes, but I know it would be a hassle to look after. I could braid it and wind it around my head.....nah, too much trouble. I'm laughing at your daughter directing you to that wig shop! It's still there by the way, has gorgeous wigs.

    Susan; I almost never have that single forehead curl. Funny about your hair being stick straight so long then changing. Mine goes in 7 year cycles, curlier, then much looser waves, then back to curly. My oldest daughter had curls as a baby, straight hair all through childhood, then it was curly again once puberty hit. Now she straightens it with a device. My other daughter has stick straight hair with a sheen most of us can only dream about, while my youngest has thick curls which he hates, so he shaves his head. My older boy has thick hair with just a slight wave.

  12. I love it! I used to hear this rhyme all the time as a little girl because I had curls over my forehead too. I cursed my curly hair as a child!

  13. I had that long straight hair that you could sit on! It was like Peggy Lipton's hair on The Mod Squad. I started growing it when I was 12 and didn't have another hairdut until I was 40. It was pretty long by then. My son used to ask me if I used it instead of toilet paper :-)

    But I cut it into a more grown-up bob, which I've had ever since. Can you tell that I don't like change...