Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Monday, March 10, 2014

there's been a little accident here

My small plaster elephant, Ruby, has taken a tumble off the windowsill.....

legs and trunk and other tiny bits

poor Ruby. It was my fault. I was careless when readjusting the blind after dusting off the windowsill.

I propped her up.....

so you can see what Ruby is supposed to look like. I've found my blunt edged shoe repair knife and I'll get busy with the contact glue later today. I hope I've found all the small pieces, there's a chip off her trunk and the ear on her other side and tiny chips off her feet. I may have to colour those with a melted red crayon.

Today is a public holiday here in Adelaide, it's a horse racing thing...Adelaide Cup Day.
Not the least bit interested, I'll be spending my day working on that Sony playlist. The player is accepting two songs at a time if they are from different artists and up to five at a time from the same artist. I've worked my way from A to D so far.  Only E to Y to go.......


  1. Ruby is on the mend, it appears. Where were you when Humpty Dumpty took a tumble.

  2. Those sort of breakages really upset me. Something I cherish which my carelessness has damaged. It looks as if your repair job is going well though.
    It is a public holiday here too. Canberra Day. I think I will pretty much ignore it.

  3. Hi human, River,

    I'm sorry your elephant cracked up. Hopefully, Ruby, will look almost better after being in bits.

    I like watching horses. I hate horse racing. Good luck with that playlist.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  4. Poor Ruby. Still...she's in good hands.

  5. There is something really appealing about a broken ornament that someone cared enough about to glue it back together.

  6. A red elephant thats just perfect.

  7. Poor little Ruby! I hope you put her back together again...a bit like Humpty-Dumpty.

    I get upset if I break something I care about, as you did with Ruby...and, like with you...out comes the glue.

  8. Oh dear, poor little Ruby.
    A little cosmetic surgery and a touch of glue, and she'll be as good as new - well, almost :)

  9. That reminds me of the day I came home to a weird knowledge that SOMEONE had been in my house. Nothing was amiss, but I had an adorable little birdhouse that was broken in the middle of my kitchen floor. hmmmmm

    If it had to break, I'm glad YOU did it.

  10. Joanne; Humpty Dumpty was a bit before my time. And probably too fragile to fix successfully.

    Elephant's Child; me too! It's a good thing I don't own a cat'o'nine tails, I'd be lashing myself...

    klahanie; thank you Penny. Ruby is resting right now while I search under the couch for missing chips.

    Delores; repairs are going quite well. She's a dear little thing about four inches at her highest point. I found her on a white elephant stall for 50 cents about ten years ago.

    Andrew; only the most loved get mended.

    Merle; Ruby stands next to a grey elephant named Shari. Shari was far enough away that the edge of the blind missed her by a good three inches.

    Lee; I like mending my treasures, not that I break many, breakages are rare around here, so I always have glue on hand. It's like doing a jigsaw puzzle.

    Vicki; I haven't found all the missing chips, so I'm going to have to melt some crayon to fill in. I'll post a photo when she is whole again.

    lotta joy; oh dear! I'd hate that! So far I've never had an intruder so my house vibes are always good.
    Did you fix the birdhouse?

  11. Ruby and her friend could well be the mascots of the University of Alabama...Roll Tide. That is sweet you mended her.

  12. Poor wee elephant. I am sure Ruby will soon look her beautiful self again with your tender care.
    I broke a chicken egg cup I'd had since a small child and Phil glued it back together really well. It must be about 75 years old now....nothing special but just one of those things you hate to break.
    I love horses but take no interest in horse racing, except perhaps the Melbourne Cup.

  13. We get the day off as well...for a race we're not interested in that takes place in a city over 400km away...seems silly to me

  14. Linda; Ruby is too cute to leave in pieces. I hope the glue stands up to the heat on the windowsill though.

    Mimsie; this is why my Christmas Elf is up high and safely out of danger. I've had him since I was four and would be devastated if I broke him.

  15. Kymbo; I've heard they're thinking of making Melbourne cup day a national holiday too.

  16. Oh River, I'd be so sad if it was my ornament, so I fully understand why you'd want to carefully piece her back together again. I hope she's all fixed up in time for Ruby Tuesday.

    Adelaide Cup in March? Why did I always think that it was in May. Am I going senile?

  17. ...hi River, so glad you're mending Ruby.... she 's so cute.
    I try not to get attached to my things. I have so many and I tend to give them away a lot. If someone likes an ornament I usually give it to them....
    Hugs and Blessings...
    Barb xx

  18. Poor Ruby! I hope she's on the mend soon!

  19. Oh don't you hate it when that happens. When it's something you love and have had for years, especially. Make sure you post an "after" shot when she's mended!

  20. That is an EXCELLENT repair job. I'm really impressed. I can't wait to see what it's like when finished. :)