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Monday, March 17, 2014

this wasn't supposed to happen....

After three years, (yes I'm a procrastinator), I finally got around to printing labels for my glass jar canisters.
Last week.
Coffee, Sugar, Milo...

Put them on the canisters yesterday.

Today, this happened.

Look at that!
Broken.  Had to toss the coffee too, in case there were slivers of glass in it.
I'd spooned coffee into my mug and was putting the canister back onto the little blue tray that holds them, when the bottom corner tapped against the top corner of the sugar one.

Now I have this arrangement....

two canisters, one preserving jar.

I'd thought the glass canisters were more sturdy, but I can see by the broken edge the glass is quite thin. I'll have to shop around for something else to keep my sugar, coffee and milo in.
I don't like plastic and I don't want metal as it tends to rust around the base after a while. This tray is right next to the sink too.
I'm sure I'll find a suitable replacement eventually. I'll probably enjoy the search more than the purchase.


  1. I find those cannisters with the glass lids a bit of a pain to open. Screw top jars are so much easier.

  2. Oh no....what a bummer.

  3. My sister uses glass canisters with metal fasteners that seal with good old rubber canning rings. The shut with a device like an old fashioned boot closure.

  4. How very annoying for you. I would've chucked the coffee too - the chance of slivered glass is not worth the risk.
    The jars are lovely, though I'm wondering if similarly styled ones that are round instead of square will be a good find in the future, as square edges chip and knock so easily.
    Try keeping an eye on ebay, I've found some beauties on there.

  5. First Ruby, now the coffee jar. What will be the third? Quick, break something unimportant.
    And yes, I like round storage containers for precisely the reason Vicki mentioned.

  6. Molly; these open really easily, I just hold the jar steady and pull off the lid. It isn't a vacuum seal, just tight enough so it doesn't fall off and spill the contents if I put the jar on its side.

    Delores; if only it had happened before i put the nice new labels on!

    Joanne; I've seen those and have one older daughter has them too, in assorted sizes for cookies, flour etc.

    Vicki; I never go to ebay, (not for anything), there are enough housewares stores here in Adelaide where the prices aren't too high and the advantage is i can bring new jars home the same day instead of waiting for mail delivery.

    Elephant's Child; break something unimportant? *looks around*...hmmm, nope, can't see anything unimportant. I'll probably end up with round containers, but the square ones line up so neatly....

  7. I don't mean to be horrible but I'm so glad that it happens to other people too, it has happened to me a few times.

  8. Merle; you're not at all horrible. I'm always glad to find others make the same silly mistakes that I do too. And have the same mishaps.

  9. I'd be really bummed as well - I hate it when I do something clumsy like that. How typical that it happens when you'd finally got around to fixing the labels as well. Sod's Law... And you would have thought that was a nice thick edge and could withstand a bit of a knock.

    We have similar containers, but with cork lids and I really like the square look as it lines up nicely and they are easier to grasp. I think we got ours at IKEA, but that was years ago. I hope you find something you like.

  10. I use the empty jars of Moccons coffee. They are very sturdy.

  11. Hi River... very frustrating when something like this happens. I think your arrangement with the jar in the middle is fine, it balances well. I'd put a decorative ribbon around the top of the jar and make a feature out of it... would look good.
    Hugs and Blessings ...
    Barb xx

  12. What rotten luck and just after you'd got the labels done too. Glad you didn't cut yourself though.
    I had different types of containers for sugar, tea and coffee and then reverted to Tupperware (bought on eBay). The original round containers with the lids you burp. They are easier for my arthritic hands and everything is always so fresh. They are in a cupboard above the work bench so nice and handy but out of sight.
    Hope you can find some suitable containers for your goodies.

  13. That'll teach you to stop procrastinating!

    I'm now taking bets to see how long it takes for you to purchase replacement containers!

    Keep procrastinating. I find it very time consuming...I have no time left to do anything else!

  14. Marie; I'll have a good look around Ikea next time I go, see what I might find there.

    mm; that sounds like a good idea, but not quite what I want.

    Barbara Neubeck; I'm not into decorative ribbons. They're fine in anyone else's kitchen but not mine. That lid doesn't seal properly anyway, it is one of those cheap $2 jars.

    Mimsie; if I had room in the cupboard they'd be in there...I don't like plastic much although I do have plenty for my flours and breadcrumbs etc and a bunch of screw top ones for freezing soups and spaghetti sauces. I just don't want plastic ones sitting on my bench. I'm a bit fussy I know, and may very well end up with plastic as it isn't breakable. I like the glass because I can easily see how much sugar, coffee etc is left in them.

    Lee; I'm a procrastinator from a very early age. It's the one thing I really excel at. I was in a homewares shop this morning and saw the exact same containers and stood there for almost ten minutes deciding not to buy one because they are not as sturdy as I'd hoped. This searching process could take years....

  15. P.S. Mimsie; have you seen the price of Tupperware lately??
    I'd have to take out a loan.....

  16. OHHH what a waste. And "milo" does not exist here.

  17. Happy Elf Christine; Milo is similar to Ovaltine which I'm pretty sure you have. There wasn't too much coffee powder thrown out, maybe a cup and a half, but it's cheap stuff, because that's the one I like and I buy it in big cans.

  18. 'Twas the labels that done it!