Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I heard a scritchy scratchy sound coming from the bathroom and assumed it was Angel in his litter tray.

It was Angel, but not in the tray.

He'd pulled down an entire roll of toilet paper......


  1. Sometimes they are dark angels. And toilet paper seems to be almost impossible to resist.

  2. Oh momma...he's just a little baby. He will get into trouble when you're not looking.
    I hope you are taking pictures of all these 'firsts'.

  3. One of the MANY joys of parenting a cat!!

  4. I thought that only happened in You Tube videos.

  5. Do you think you have called him the wrong name maybe 'Devil' instead.

  6. I've seen an ad on TV involving I think a labrador pup....maybe Angel saw that ad and decided to act it out. As Delores said you have to take photos of these 'firsts'.

  7. Elephant's Child; yes, he's a dark angel, but he'll grow out of it.

    Delores; I didn't think to take a picture, I just scooped up all the paper before he started eating it.

    fishducky; there are MANY joys. Hands and wrists covered in scratches isn't one of them....

    Jennifer Kay; he's curious alright, follows me everywhere and tries to catch the water droplets running down the shower screen while I'm washing.

    Joanne; nope, happens wherever there is a kitten and unsupervised access to bathrooms.

    Merle; maybe...but he's used to his name now so I can't change it. He'll be more of an angel in a few years.

    Mimsie; I remember that ad, it was for kleenex cottonelle I think. I've tried to get a photo of him trying to climb the kitchen drawers via the handles, but as soon as I turn on the camera he stops and comes over to see the lens or play with the strap.

  8. Did you take pictures? Hahaha.... hate to laugh but it's pretty cute.

  9. It can never be re-rolled properly.

  10. Angel cannot help himself, it is in his nature.

    Did he get the empty cardboard tube after he was done? He would love that.

  11. Haha! Toilet roll stays up high for a while methinks.
    Curtains next :)

  12. Manzanita; no pictures, I thought it better to remove the paper before he started eating or shredding it.

    Andrew; I thought about rolling it back, but in the end just tore it off.

    Susan Kane; he doesn't like the empty tubes. He has one that he plays with because I stuck a sparkly ball into each end, but plain ones get ignored.

    Vicki; yes, up on the shelf above the cistern, but he's a jumper...

  13. Sorry for laughing but that is funny. .

  14. Are you trying to stifle his artistic, creative decorating talents? Shame on you! One day important galleries may pay millions for one of (Fallen) Angel's installations :-)

  15. Kymbo; it was funny, he was on the floor completely wrapped in paper trying to claw his way out.

    Marie; his creative talents are alive and well. You should see what he has done to my shower curtain!

    Pearl; he's so cute though...:)