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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Angel overload

I brought Angel home on April 6th.

He was a little afraid at first and hid behind the fridge for several hours, but once he came out and ate dinner, he was much more confident.

The next day, he took over the place.

I had to remove everything from the top of this chest-height tallboy, because this tiny, tiny, kitten.....

was jumping up onto this chair and then onto the tallboy. Where he would sniff around and knock things off.

By the end of the first week, I'd started wearing these when playing with him and wishing they were elbow length!
He did learn quite quickly to back off and sit down when I held my hand up, palm out in front of his face and said "no" quite firmly.  Just like training a puppy.
The same tone guaranteed to stop a toddler in his tracks. Comes in handy now when I'm eating dinner and he jumps up to the table.

These next few photos have been taken on different days since Angel has been here.

that's my pyjama pants he is sleeping on.

oh the cuteness! and the purring!

who took my pants away?

hey mousie, wanna play?

ooh! there's that camera strap I like to play with.
He leaps across to the table from the top of his scratching post. That's almost a metre.

okay if I lie down here for a while?

I really like this furry grey tower. Mum doesn't spray me with the water bottle when I scratch on this.

Time for my after dinner wash. Then a nice long nap so I'm ready to play at 1am.


  1. Awww. He is just gorgeous. Furry, purry magic.

  2. What an absolute darling, ahem . . . . . when he’s asleep.

  3. They are fun aren't they, if a little bit naughty and tabbies are my favourite.

  4. He's an angel in many ways, just not in every way.

  5. Aren't kittens just so wonderful. Those spray bottles work so well and cats are quick to learn no matter what dog lovers say. A little like you said when commenting on little boys and the puddle of water. Kittens will be kittens and we love them for it even we are a tiny bit cross with them at times. They begin to purr and our hearts melt.

  6. P.S. Just imagine...we bought two home at the same time twelve and a half years ago and they were about 6 weeks old. It was fun and games especially with Henry who would steal things (pens etc) and play with them and under the fridge they'd go. Oh River I do love cats so much.

  7. He's past cuteness and way up there on the big little man scale. If it's been a while since you had a cat, remember, disciplining them as if you were there mama is effective beyond belief. Take them by the scruff of the neck to take them away from a bad place or bad activity. Mama cats use the scruff of the neck treatment to convey important lessons.

  8. He is sooo little and cute! Saw we had some mutual friends so I came for a visit. Glad I did. :)

  9. He is such a cutie. I am currently typing this comment while having Monty purr and rub against my legs and arms all while trying to jump into my lap and help me type lol.

    Loving all the photos xxxx

  10. Elephant's Child; furry purry magic, I like that. thank you.

    Friko; he's a darling when he's awake too, just not at 3am when I want to be asleep.

    Merle; he's a lot of fun. Me, Angel a long length of ribbon...I've always had tabbies.

    Delores; sweet, until I want to be sleeping in the early hours. Then he licks my face until I get up and feed him.

    Susan Kane; an Angel in so many ways, and cuddly without being clingy.

    Mimsie; I've found the spray bottle method so effective, also the firm no. He's a quick learner. He has the most wonderful purr, deep and rumbly. I have a long handled duster for getting toys back from under the fridge.

    Joanne; he's definitely a boy now and not a baby. I don't think I'll need the scruff of the neck treatment, he has learned NO quite well and a spray bottle squirt is also effective, although I haven't had to use that since I bought the scratching post.

    Life happens; welcome to drifting. He's not so little now, 5 months old already and no longer fitting into my two cupped hands.

    Kakka; Angel doesn't seem to like my lap much, he prefers to lie on the table between me and the computer, if I'm on the couch he lies on my chest right under my chin.

  11. He is adorable! Reminds me of how our cat Dot looked when we brought her home. Enjoy! (Isn't he entertaining?)

  12. Susan; very entertaining, just dangle a ribbon and watch him play.

  13. Oh River, that second photo of Angel lying on your pj pants is so heartwarming. Just beautiful.
    He looks just like his namesake - a little Angel indeed.
    And yes, there's a little devil in him too. Life with a kitten is never boring. And the good energy vibrations he imparts in your home is pure delight. You and he are developing such a bond.
    Enchanting images, thank you for indulging us :)

  14. They are soooo precious when they sleep with those cute little faces. There are times when I'm glad the puss i took is already old and not as frisky any more. But she still has her crazy moments.
    An adorable post.

  15. I love, love, love the picture of him sleeping on the pj pants. Note I said "the" and not "your" because nothing belongs to you anymore. :-)

  16. What a cutie. Seriously cute. I love his White Socks.

  17. SO CUTE! Tabbies are gorgeous. I didn't know you could train a cat.

  18. Vicki; the bond is a little too close, he watches me pee and shower and I cannot go to bed on my own anymore. But he'll grow out of those first two.

    Manzanita; I must have 100 photos by now of Angel sleeping. I hope he retains his crazy moments as he ages.
    How old is your cat?

    Marie; there is very little now that is truly mine and that will change I'm sure, as soon as he realises he can get onto "that" table.

    Robin; every kitten from that batch has the same white socks and the batch born a month later from the other cat also has the white socks.

    Jackie K; you need to start early and be persistent, just like kids and puppies. And when you are not at home they will do as they please anyway.

  19. Oh what sweet pictures, River! I am a cat lover, too, so your little guy is making me melt into a puddle :)

  20. Angel is beautiful...the sweet little fellow. :)