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Thursday, April 17, 2014

Exfoliating? Who needs it?

I have a kitten, Angel,  who wakes me up at 4.30 each morning by licking several layers of skin off my face.

Cheaper and probably just as effective, although a little....rough...and I have to cover my mouth so I don't get my lips skinned.

His favourite spots are my nose, eyebrows and chin.

I can't stand it for long, I have to get up and wash my face off.

Then I give him breakfast, which is the real reason he wakes me up I'm sure.
He's grown a bit, weighs a whole kilo now.


  1. Hi River,

    My three cats are banned from the bedroom at night for that reason (amongst others!).

    Angel is cute.




  2. He's doing well River! Daughter has a tabby like Angel who is a licker as well. (he's quite obsessive)
    And haha, her foster kittens regularly demolish the toilet rolls!

  3. He lets you sleep until 4.30? Luxury.
    Both of our cats wash me - and not the smaller portion. He tells me I need it more than him (how rude) and I tell him I taste better. Their tongues are rough though.
    Angel is growing noticeably. And still v cute.

  4. So sweet. We're talking cat over here as well.

  5. My two rascals would beat down the bedroom door if I locked them out of the room for the night...after all, it is their bed, too. It must be, because they take up the majority of it...and it is a king-size!

    Remy, my male cat is my alarm clock. He's the one that nags me awake; and then it's time for a little chat and a cuddle; after which I let he and his sister out for their morning run; and they come back inside again shortly thereafter for the rest of the time. They're inside cats 95% of the time...and that's the way I like it.

    I'm so glad Angel has settled in so quickly. That's great, River. :)

  6. Ah, the joys of (kitty) motherhood.
    Little Angel's growing fast.

  7. ... River, that sounds like a lovely way to wake up..... you just have to find a way to reset Angel's body clock......Breakfast at 8 sounds much more civilized than 4'30am...
    Hugs to both of you... Barb xxx

  8. I awake with 3 cats on the bed if I leave the door open but they are very polite and don't wake me unless I sleep in, if they waked me at 4.30am I would shut them out for a few days so they have learnt to be nice.

  9. He's quite a young boy, at that weight. I've learned to sleep completely under the covers now; I get head butted and purred awake.

  10. Plasman; shutting the door is useless here as he sleeps on the bed anyway. He has a bed in the lounge room, but access to his litter tray is via the bedroom, so the door stays open.

    Rose~from OZ; there's no more toilet roll disasters at least, I keep the roll on the high shelf now.

    Elephant's Child; he did start out waking me at 3.30 and I've stretched it to 4.30. a couple of times we've made it to 5.30 which is much more civilised.

    Delores; you're thinking of getting a cat?? Yay! I look forward to photos...

    Lee; I'm keeping Angel an inside kitty, it just isn't safe enough outside for him. I'm too close to the communal driveway and the road, there is no fencing at all.

    Vicki; I'm looking forward to the days when Angel doesn't need his claws so much for climbing and playing. My arms are a mass of scratches and I've started wearing my gardening gloves to play with him.

    Barbara; it's a better way than being clawed I suppose, his tongue is very rough though. I'll be happy if we eventually make it to 6 am breakfasts.

    Merle; I think Angel will learn soon enough to leave me asleep until I wake myself. I don't sleep past 6-6.30 anyway. If I can get him to accept that as his breakfast time we'll both be happy.

    Joanne; he is very nearly five months old now. I tried sleeping under the covers, but can't do it. I need to feel the cold air on my face. I put my hands under though, because he likes to bite my fingertips.

  11. They sure let you know, one way or another, when they want to eat.

  12. Maybe you could supplement your income by offering exclusive cat facials. Slather people's faces with cream and leave Angel to do the rest.

    Sophie likes to lick my hand (and she pins it in place with her front paws) but at least her tongue is soft. I still don't like it, though.

  13. Manzanita; he's okay during the day because I leave dry food out and he helps himself, but first thing in the morning and late afternoon he likes his proper food and his cat milk.

    Marie; I don't think that would go to well, ha ha. I don't mind the licking as long as he leaves my eyes and lips alone, but he seems to want to lick those too, so I get up and feed him.

  14. SO much personality! But still so tiny! Awww.

  15. Christine; just a few minutes ago he was sitting on my shoulder pretending to be a parrot, every now and then leaning over to lick my cheekbone.