Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

remember the cats with the kittens?

I'd done a letterbox drop enquiring about the owner and possibly obtaining one of the kittens.
Then the other cat also had kittens!

I was disappointed to not receive any kind of reply and assumed the kittens had all gone to other homes.
Not so.
This morning I was at my daughter's house when both mother cats appeared by the window for food.
Yes, she is still feeding I did, taking out half a can of tuna & sardine food.

A couple of hours later I looked out into the yard and saw a black and white kitten AND two grey striped kittens!
Playing in the grass, romping around my girl's yard.
Well, I raced outside to see them better and they took fright and skedaddled back under the fence to their yard.

This means there are still kittens there so I'm still hopeful of getting one.
I'll buy a small pet carrier and go knocking on their door.
I'll ask outright if they would be interested in letting me have a little grey striped girl.
They can say no, which will be a disappointment, but then at least I'll know for sure.

My other option is a beautiful three year old cat I've seen on the animal welfare facility website.
If I can find some way of getting there. I'm not sure any buses go past. I'll have to check on that.

But first....I'll ask about the babies. They must be three months old by now.
My daughter says they've been coming to the porch in the late afternoons and eating the dry food she leaves out for the mothers.  Old enough to come home with me....


  1. How WONDERFUL. I do hope that a cat comes into your home and heart - soon.

  2. At three months old I would worry that they haven't had human handling and be too wild and won't ever adjust to being a good house cat. A reputable shelter will make sure a cat is suitable before putting it up of adoption.

  3. I do so hope you get the kitten that you desire, way or the other.

    I'd be lost without my two cats. They are part of my life...and I, theirs.

    Best of luck. :)

  4. The carrier is a wonderful idea. Be sure no little kids are home, either.

  5. I hope you get your kitten/cat River....I love having a cat around.. that's why I go to Merle's place ... to pat the cats, especially Kidney.. xxx
    I have my dog and I love him... but I'd like another cat to share my twilight years with... have a lovely weekend.. Hugs and Blessings... Barb xx

  6. I tend to agree with Andrew. Three months would be a long time if the kittens haven't had human interaction and handling - called "imprinting".
    In some cats, it may not be a problem, there would still be time to overcome any wild tendencies, but in other cats, the wildness could remain strong.
    I know, I took in two semi-wild kittens many years ago. Both brothers. One "domesticated", to a certain extent. The other grudgingly hung around, then disappeared for months on end, the call of the wild stronger than any home could give him. He was a strong cat, that tore to shreds any window and door screen we had, just to get out.
    If you do choose a kitten, be sure you can handle it without it wanting to scratch its way out of your grasp.
    As Andrew said, a shelter cat would be vetted and assessed for home life.

    But, there have been happy success stories with semi-feral kittens.
    So, ultimately, the choice is up to you.

    Go with your heart, and your gut instinct. You'll make the right choice, I'm sure :)

  7. How disappointing that nobody answered your quest for a kitten. I'd perhaps ask first before buying the cat cage?
    We got our Precious (and Henry) from the Cat Welfare and I think Precious may have had a semi-feral mother as she is still very timid around strangers but she is the most loving cat to Phil and me. They were both about 8 weeks old when we got them and they had been vaccinated but we had to take them back to be sterilised. If you got a 3-year old it would I imagine, already be sterilised and vaccinated and they would charge you for all that. Don't forget there is also the micro-chipping or is that only compulsory in W.A. I wonder.
    I'm like EC, sincerely hope you soon have a cat in your life soon as they are wonderful company and also very good for your health.
    Best of luck in your quest for a little friend.

  8. Delores; I've got my fingers crossed.

    Elephant's Child; I'm hopeful, but other commenters have mentioned kittens not adjusting if they haven't had human interaction, and I'm pretty sure these kittens haven't.

    Andrew; you've raised a good point, I'll give it some thought.

    Lee; it's been almost twenty years since I owned a cat, I think it's time.

    Joanne; there are no children, the house has only adults. If there were kids the kittens wouldn't have run away from me, they'd be more used to people.

    Barbara; one way or another, I'm getting a cat. I already bought the things I'll need for one. Even toys.

    Vicki; Andrew has raised a good point. I'll ask about seeing the kittens and if one chooses to come to me, that would be a fair indication that he/she would be willing to adjust. If they are hard to get hold of, all trying to run and hide, I'll let it go and head to the animal shelter.

    Mimsie; I had to buy the carrier to take along when I ask, so that I can bring home a kitten without having to go back again. It is two bus trips away.
    The three year old from the shelter is already vaccinated, spayed and microchipped, so that is one thing to consider and her listing says she is gentle.
    The kittens I am asking about are semi-wild I think. The people renting that house are neglectful, even the yard is now overgrown and weedy.
    I don't think the mother cats or the kittens have had much human handling.

  9. I hope you get your little kitten, the idea of the cat as well, older cats often don't find homes, and come ready nurtured (saving you the cost of getting it done yourself) and can be already litter trained. Though, baby kittens are cute, and find every single hole, or crack in your house...our diana found one in an apartment we were living in behind a cooker, when we first got her and her brother, panic ensued, and we got her out eventually, but not before T threatened to pull out the cooker...

  10. The Wicked Writer; I discovered today the owners have been handling the kittens so they are semi socialised, I patted one little girl myself today.