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Sunday, June 21, 2015

ex-hubby #1

A funny man my K, one of those annoying people who would spring out of bed, instantly awake, cheery and whistling or singing. I'm the type who drags herself from under the covers, manages to get through the day and starts waking up properly sometime after lunch. 
But we muddled along. 
It helped that he was in the Army and away a lot. I could set my own routine. Get everything done early and mostly on auto-pilot, spend the afternoons reading until it was time to start dinner. 
Somewhere in those years I birthed and we raised four babies; when he got out of the Army he had difficulty settling into civilian life, but I thought he was managing, until I realised he wasn't. We divorced somewhere along the line and he had another daughter, which brings me to the point of this little tale. 
Said daughter is now 19 and was home last night when K suddenly experienced a heart attack. She drove him to hospital; two hours later he was in recovery with two brand new stents inserted.
I got the news later this morning as I was about to leave for the cinema, so headed to the hospital instead. 
Imagine my surprise to see him looking pink and healthy and answering the phone as family members rang to see how he was. 
Talk about a tough cookie! 
It takes me almost 24 hours to recover enough to even want to see people after surgery and here he was looking a little tired but otherwise perfectly well. There were tubes and things hooked up to monitors of course, but I was told he had already been up out of bed, sitting in a chair and he'd be walking around soon. Probably a short stroll after his afternoon nap. Our youngest was there visiting when I arrived and when K began looking more tired we left.
Anyway, I'm really glad C was home to get him to the hospital. I don't want our kids to lose their dad just yet. He's only 66. (and 3/4)


  1. How fortunate; immediate care is a big part of a good recovery. Best wishes to dad.

  2. Hi River,

    He does sound like a tough cookie, indeed. I hope he recovers.



  3. Here's wishing him a speedy recovery!!

  4. How lucky his daughter was able to get him to hospital so promptly. I hope his recovery continues as smoothly as it has begun.

  5. Oh, that's a relief, River...that your ex is recovering well. Thank goodness his daughter was there with him when he had the attack. It's a shock for all concerned, but it sounds like K is on the mend, which is good news. Let's hope he heeds all the advice he's given.

    Randall was always in for a bright, cheery chat when we got up in the mornings, too. I like a bit of peace and quiet around me first thing in the chatter...just quietness. I get up ready to tackle the day; I don't drag my butt...but immediate discourse was never my thing. And I think he got to know that and played on it just to annoy and tease me! And he'd wonder why I'd growl at him! lol

    Men are such slow learners! ;)

    I hope K is a fast mender. Best wishes.

  6. Joanne; he's very lucky C was at home, more often she is at her mother's.

    Plasman; he is one of those very rarely ill people and bounces back faster than a rubber ball.

    fishducky; he'll be out of hospital by Wednesday we're told, he'll probably take it easy for a bit, but he won't be on a verandah in a rocking chair anytime soon. He's not the type to sit and watch the world go by, he wants to be part of the parade

    Elephant's Child; he's very lucky C was home. I hope his recovery continues smoothly too. He did say they found another partial blockage which they will look at in a couple of years. I imagine he'll be on medication now because of that; some kind of blood thinner I suppose. I didn't think to ask.

    Lee; I like my mornings a bit on the slow side, even after all those years doing the 6am shift I still didn't really enjoy waking up so early. I got used to it, but my body has it's deep sleep preference set from 5am to 7am.
    K has always been a fast mender, he'll be fine.

  7. He sounds impressive. (Or annoying, as a husband 😊). Very glad his daughter was there and hope he has recovered well.

    1. Sorry I tried to include a smiley face in those parentheses!