Wednesday's Words on a Friday

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write, a story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.
If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the words are once again supplied by Delores and can be found here.

This week's words are:

1. glucose
2. mining
3. spread
4. cadaver
5. intelligence
6. mimic


1. collate
2. spend
3. decent
4. carpet
5. butterscotch
6. impending

Here is my story:

 Carrie accidentally knocked over the bottle of butterscotch schnapps and after righting it, sat for a moment dreamily watching the spilled liquid spread across the table surface like a small lake. She dipped her fingers and licked the sweetness a few times before getting  a damp cloth to clean off the mess.

Reminding herself to check her glucose meter later, Carrie poured a good amount of the schnapps over the icecream and sliced strawberries in her bowl. Dessert had become a rare treat since her doctor had warned her of the impending diabetes if she didn't cut out her sugar intake. That had been several months ago and she was sure one bowl of icecream wasn't going to do any harm.

The impromptu dinner party had been fun, with Cory and Donald both getting quite tipsy from the beers they swigged down while stuffing their faces with fish and chips, ignoring the salad completely. For a while there had been a distinct lack of intelligence around the dining table as they reverted to teenage boys, outdoing each other with tall tales and crude jokes.
Both men were now in the den, probably sleeping it off while the television blared. The ride home had been a long one for them, coming from opposite ends of the earth. 

Spooning up her icecream, Carrie thought of the joke Donald had made about Cory's archaeological dig. Cory had expressed hope of finding human bones this time and Donald had chuckled that his brother was mining for cadavers, when most sensible people mined for gold or precious gems. Mimicking Uncle Charlie, Cory had loftily announced that "cadavers are every bit as important" and besides, sometimes the mummies were buried with their jewellery if they were important enough to have owned any.

Carrie washed up her icecream bowl, swept a few crumbs from the carpet and glanced at the clock; seeing it was past midnight she decided going to bed was a better option than starting the work Corey had asked her to help him with. Tomorrow, well, later today, would be soon enough to spend hours collating the notes he'd brought home with him. A decent sized pile it was too, several filled notebooks and a large sheaf of loose papers with drawings of the sites. He'd be going back to the site after Aunt Jenny's funeral and once the dig was finished Cory hoped to write a book about the experience. 

Donald worked for a publishing house and had promised to help with the proof reading and editing. Carrie crept into the den, turned off the television and threw a light blanket over each brother before going to bed herself.


  1. Amazing that you could come up with a story for those words! I saw the lists and kind of choked. I made no attempt. :)

    1. S.J.Qualls; it was an interesting mix of words for sure.

  2. I cannot read your post until I write my own. These are great words but will be difficult. I know you managed it well and will be back.

    1. Granny Annie; I'm sure you'll come up with something great.

  3. I've just left a comment on Delores 'Diabetic' story. As I said to her when I saw the word glucose ... diabetes just came to mind!

    Great use of the words, I enjoyed your post ... and I'm giving you a clap too!

    Wishing you Happy Days

    All the best Jan

    1. Lowcarb team member; thank you. Perhaps one day you'll join us.

  4. Great story. I hope that wasn't 'one dish of ice cream too far' lol.

    1. only slightly confused; no, I think one dish of icecream in several months isn't going to be too much, even with the butterscotch schnapps.

  5. I love it, River! And you reminded me...I think I might still have a bottle of butterscotch schnapps at the back of a shelf gathering dust!! It was given to me years ago.

    Well done. :)

    1. Lee; thank you. Now dust off that bottle and serve yourself some ice cream and strawberries. With the schnapps of course.

  6. Well done, you never cease to amaze me with your wonderful imagination using the words provided..
    Hope you new laptop is going well.

    1. Margaret-whiteangel; thank you. Maybe you could give the challenge a try some day.
      New laptop is being a pain in the @@@ today, with windows "not responding", so I'm on the old one which seems to be working so much better since I bought the new one.

  7. River this was another super story. You had Cory mining for cadavers for goodness sake! LOL Hope I can participate next week.

  8. Granny Annie; thank you. Mining for cadavers seems appropriate for some one who spends time tunneling into pyramids and ancient burial caves.

  9. Great job, as always. I don't think that one bowl of ice cream is gonna hurt. My husband is diabetic, and his doc lets him have sweets, and even alcohol, in moderation.

    Your comment about your old computer working better now cracked me up. Guess it must have gotten jealous when you got the new one.

  10. .. fab story River.. you used the words beautifully .. Barb xxxx


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