Wednesday's Words on a Friday

Well this is disappointing; I'm unable to insert a picture here 😞, so let's just push on...

The original Words for Wednesday was begun by Delores and eventually taken over by a moveable feast of participants when Delores had computer troubles. Sadly, Delores has now closed her blog forever due to other problems.

The aim of the words is to encourage us to write. A story, a poem, whatever comes to mind.

If you are posting an entry on your own blog, please let us know so we can come along and read it.

This month the prompts are supplied by messymimi and can be found here.

This week's words/prompts are:

1. mile 
2. coverage 
3. corner 
4. throw 
5. monarch 
6. dump 


1. paragraph 
2. reduce 
3. grate 
4. confine 
5. cruel 
6. shiver 

we also have these options: mooncalf, orts and fandangle 

Here is my story:  

Mary came out onto God's Observation Deck with a warm, fluffy throw to wrap over his knees, he said he'd been feeling the cold a bit more than usual, but since it was always warm in Heaven, Mary decided he just wanted to feel what the elderly did down on earth, the comfort of a rocking chair and a snuggly blanket wrapped around them. 
Might as well play along, she thought to herself. 'how does that feel now?" she asked him. "This is wonderful, thank you Mary," God said. "No wonder some of those old people look so serene." 
"Mind you," said Mary, "there's plenty that don't get these comforts." 
"I know," said God. "There's not the coverage of kindness and compassion I'd been hoping for, even after all these years." 
"I hear you," said Peter, pulling himself away from the book he'd been reading. 
"Remember that Walk a Mile in my shoes business? Where everyone was supposed to imagine themselves in any situation and then do the right thing?" 

"What happened to that?" asked Mary. "Lucy," was God's one word answer. 

"Right," said Mary. "Well let's not dwell on that right now, who wants fresh brownies with coffee frosting?" "Ooh! yes please," from both God and Peter.  As Mary went to fetch the brownies, Peter asked God, "have you thought more about what to do for young Christopher?" 
"I have," said God. "After that cruel trick of Lucy's that had Chris catch his foot on the rainwater grate and tumble into the road right in front of that truck, I've decided to give the lad his own small miracle." 
"And what would that be?" said Mary, handing over plates of brownies after setting down a tray with big mugs of hot chocolate. 

"Well, we know he was looking forward to the school trip to see the beginning of the annual Monarch Migration and we also know that the butterflies usually fly straight across in the other direction after swirling around a bit, so this year I'm going to cause a driftwind that will take them across Christopher's yard right about mid-afternoon, when he is sitting in that corner chair on the sunny side of his porch. I'll have them swoop and dive around his yard a bit then send them on their way. How does that sound?" 

"It's a really fabulous idea!" said Mary and Peter nodded his agreement, unable to talk with a mouthful of delicious brownie. "May I add on to that idea?' asked Peter after swallowing. "Of course," said God. "What do you have in mind?" 

"Christopher's friend Susie has a book about butterflies that she doesn't often look at anymore, I'll send her dream idea that she could give it to him. We all know he's destined to worked at the butterfly farm, while Susie goes into research, so its a win-win, right?" 
"I like that a lot," said God. "You go ahead and do that while I think of a way to reduce Lucy to jelly for his cruel trick." 

"I know how to do that," said Mary. "You do?" God pretended to be surprised. 
"Of course," said Mary. You make him read a whole book on something he has no interest in, then tell him to rewrite the whole story into a single condensed paragraph." 

This brought broad smiles to God's and Peter's faces. "I'm so glad you're on our side," said God.


  1. I always love these stories - and this is no exception. Thank you.
    A blessing of butterflies is a wonderful miracle.

    1. Elephant's Child; thank you. I think seeing the migration will cheer up Christopher quite a lot. I know seeing such a thing would make me happy.

  2. Replies
    1. jenny_o; wouldn't it be a wonderful sight?

  3. I love visiting God's Observation Deck. Somehow I know it is there and he is probably shaking his head about now. Lucy needs some serious correction from Mary. You go girl.

    1. Arkansas Patti; I like God's Observation Deck myself. Imagine being up there and what you could see! Lucy (Lucifer) doesn't do well with correction.

  4. Visiting Heaven and sitting on the deck is awesome. Excellent writing. Truly fun.

    1. Susan Kane; I like doing these stories, sometimes the words don't take me to God's Observation Deck though.

  5. Another imaginative tale told well, River. :)

  6. What a lovely story.
    God's observation deck, how good is that.
    Well done R as always.

    1. Margaret D; thank you. I like to imagine God has an observation deck where he can see everything.

  7. A suitable miracle, and a suitable punishment. PLUS brownies and hot chocolate and a fluffy throw! Well done.

    1. Val; the brownies and hot chocolate were what I was wanting while I wrote this.

  8. Wonderful story!
    I like the ideas a lot and now God in a rocking chair.... well, I had to look behind me, if he didn´t make it in my swing. There are enough blankets, too ;-)
    Clever ideas, all of them!

    1. Iris Flavia; God has his own rocking chair up on his deck, but you never know, he might make it to your swing one day. Keep the blankets ready.

  9. Love your God's observation desk-stories. Of course cakes and throws all are heavenly, everything would be perfect byt for Lucy's antics. :)

    1. Charlotte; the best part is there are no calories in heaven :)
      We need Lucy I think, to keep us on our toes.

  10. You do see things in a different light very entaining.

    1. Merle; thank you, I like to let the imagination run free sometimes.

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  13. Where are you, other writers??

    Television coverage showed a clump of people running the 26 mile marathon. Sweaty and tired, the runners struggled for the last mile. When the finish line appeared just a stone’s throw from them, Emma was in the corner of the group and she would not give up. Placing foot after foot, Emma would not quit. She did not hit the finish line first, second, or even two hundredth, but she made it. Joy flooded over her as a cloud of monarch butterflies flew through the crowd. Emma held one in her hands, “Go on, keep flying, keep flying!” releasing it as she stumbled over the line.


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