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Monday, July 12, 2010


Most of my customers, 99.9%, are polite, friendly, helpful.

With a little coaching from me, they now know to leave the really heavy items in their trolleys, they know to just hand over one of anything they've bought in bulk and tell me how many, (there's 20 of these love), some of them even remember to hand me their "green" bags at the beginning so I can start packing straight away. A few still forget and have the bags buried under a mountain of groceries.

There's funny customers too. Like the lady who comes in everyday for a packet of cigarettes. We joke about how she should give up and she says she's tried the patches, but they're hard to roll up and they taste funny.

It's the remaining 0.01% that make me cringe.

The one that I've seen in the public toilets; comes out of the stall/cubicle and walks straight outside, without washing her hands. Ever since, I've noticed how grubby her hands always are, with black fingernails. Hey, maybe she's a mechanic, I don't know, I haven't asked.
I just reach for the sanitiser as soon as I've finished processing her goods.

Another one who looks dressed for a TV interview, but always has dirty bags. Really dirty bags.
I reach for the sanitiser.

The new customer recently that I'd never seen before. Scooped up her leftover bags and as she tossed them in her trolley, one tipped up and spilled rubbish onto the floor. She looked back at it as she walked off, but left it there for me to clean up. Used tissues and bandaids.
I reached for the sanitiser.

There's one whose money is always damp, sometimes wet. Does he wash it? Who knows?
Dry it with paper towel. Reach for the sanitiser.

Wonderful stuff, this sanitiser. But at the end of the shift, my hands are so dry.....
Go home and reach for the handcream.


  1. Actually when you mentioned overpacked bags, I've taken it on board. I'm a shocker for saying 'fill the bag up' never thought about the poor cashier having to lift the things all day. Some people are truly disgusting.

  2. We use our backpacks and green bags but they're clean, honest!

  3. I'm guilty of having grotty green bags (casts eyes downward in shame). Note to self - WASH the bags tomorrow!

    I always thought that hand sanitiser was going a bit far, but for you, it's certainly essential.

  4. Baino; in the beginning I used to fill the bags up, I thought they were a great idea, holding so much etc, then I started feeling the strain. Now for people who don't have many bags, I half fill, then move the bag to the side, when all bags have been used the customer adds the rest of the groceries to the half empty bags and lifts them.

    Jayne; Backpacks can get pretty heavy too, I've seen some people walk out with backpacks full of pet food cans and they're bowed under the weight.

    Kath; Put them in the machine now, switch it on first thing in the morning. Take the black base out first and just wash that off by hand.