Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Friday, July 30, 2010


I think I have a mouse in my kitchen.
Ready to wash my dishes, I reached into the cupboard under the sink for the detergent and saw a couple of dozen tiny black droppings.
They weren't there yesterday.
Now it's been several years since I saw a mouse and that one was outside in the garden.
I've never seen mouse droppings. I have no idea what they look like. These were like microchip sized cigars. About half a centimetre long.
Maybe they're cockroach droppings?
My first reaction was to empty the cabinet and sweep it clean, then I broke apart a package of cockroach baits and spread them around.
Finally, I washed the dishes.
Tomorrow I'm coming home from work with the biggest package of Ratsack I can find.
Mickey Mouse Heaven can welcome a new tenant.


  1. GROSS. My bet is on mouse though. Peanut butter is the best bait EVER for a mousetrap.

  2. I don't fancy a mousetrap Toni. Then I'd have to dispose of poor dead Mickey.
    I'll get the ratsack and and sprinkle it around under the sink, especially by the hole in the wall where the waste pipe goes outside.
    There's no food under the sink, and no evidence of mice in, or by, any of the food storage cabinets.

  3. You can have one of my cats. The evil one.

  4. Sounds like a mouse alright. Rats you hear and never see. Don't use Ratsack it makes them bleed. It's a slow and very painful death and if they die inside you'll know it. Just get traditional traps, quick, painless and effective but watch your fingers.

  5. That's where they're likely to be getting in, River, through the hole where the waste water pipe goes through the wall. Stuff steel wool (the raw pot scouring type) around the pipe to block the hole.
    Peanut butter and traps are best, otherwise you might have a nasty smell to hunt down due to the poison.

  6. Is there a non-allergy type of cat? You need yourself a mousey eliminator.

  7. kalamac; remember my lease. No pets. The goldfish doesn't count, since he's unlikely to pee on the carpet or dig up the garden. I agree Missy would make short work of the mouse.

    Baino; Traps and my fingers don't get on well together. I did come home today with the ratsack and tossed some into the under sink cupboard. I heard they eat it and go away and die somewhere else. So hopefully I'll find Mickey outside so I can bury him under the passionfruit.

    Jayne; I forgot about the smell should he die inside. If Mickey dies under the base of the cupboard (there's a gap between the side and floor) how the heck will I get him out???
    I'm sure there's only one mouse and I'll buy the steel wool tomorrow. I thought I had some left over from the cabinet painting days, but I must have tossed it out.
    AJ, I'm not allergic to cats unless they rub their faces under my chin, then I itch, but my lease is very specific. No pets printed in bold capital letters. Ssshhh on the goldfish....

  8. Hi River,

    I've got a cat you can borrow - if you're willing to pay the air fare (oh and Mrs PM agrees of course). The downside is that he might just bring a couple more in ...




  9. Plasman; Thanks for the offer, but no thanks. My lease says no pets. I think Mickey has departed by now.