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Thursday, July 15, 2010

essential knowledge

In her middle years, 40's, 50's, 60's, my mum travelled a lot.

She had her pension card and later a seniors card as well, giving her a discount on travel fares.
Believe me, she put this discount to good use.
Bus travel, train travel, my mum went everywhere. Well, almost.

She visited the Jenolan Caves with my youngest brother, who showed an interest in caves.
He loved collecting rocks too, so she took him places where he could find the particular rocks he was looking for.

She went to see such things as the Whispering Wall, (I don't remember where that is); the Giant Rocking Horse at Gumeracha; and other attractions.

But, my mum had one of those bladders. You know the kind, where you have to cross your legs quickly if you sneeze suddenly. The kind that, if it says I need to wee now, you'd damn well better be on your way to the toilet already.

So, whatever town she found herself in, the very first thing mum did, was locate every single public toilet.
Mum would find the visitors centre or the tourist information centre and get them to print off a map showing the location of Every. Single. Public. Toilet. Including pubs.
And she always, ALWAYS, carried a roll of toilet paper in her handbag. Just in case.

Now that I'm older, on days when I'm out and about, if I've had too many coffees, in too many cafes, I get to thinking that mum was pretty smart to locate these comfort stations before doing the touristy things.
I think this especially when I'm frantically searching for "that pub that I thought was just here", because I know pubs have toilets.

This particular "comfort" station, (not too much comfort, barely basics), is in our very own Botanic Gardens. Right near the kiosk, so easy enough to find.
Just in case you're ever out this way.
BYO toilet paper, because on busy days there might not be any left....


  1. OH your mum was one smart cookie! I never think of things like that till it's way too late.

  2. Yep, one of the mainstays of life ;)
    A hangover from the days of "go before we leave" with the kids lol.

  3. Toni; I used to be embarrassed by the toilet paper in the handbag, but in later years when I was doing volunteer work out in the country side (pulling weeds from roadsides) I got into the habit myself, since the "facilities" were often "behind the nearest bush".
    Jayne; this "go before we leave" has, in my opinion, led to a generation of kids who are now unable to "hang on", since they were made to empty bladders that didn't need emptying.

  4. I can't remember the link now but there's a website that lists all the public toilets in Australia which is utterly brilliant.

    I'm exactly the same - my first question on any holiday or outing (mostly just to myself, but squeaked out loud if I'm desperate) is always - "where are the loos here?"

    ....and ALWAYS have a small packet of tissues or wet ones in your handbag. That way you're not reduced to doing handstands under the blowdriers!