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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

hungry, hungry caterpillars

It's woolly caterpillar season.

These furry little pests are wreaking havoc in my front garden quicker than I can blink.

Here's one on a daisy leaf.

And another on a buddleia leaf.

Just look at what they've done to this plant.

Hungry, hungry caterpillars.

This is what I did to the one that fell at my feet.


  1. Do they really eat that much river? They look like they would grow into pretty butterflies.

  2. I loves me a fuzzy spider, but I hate cateruglybuggers.

  3. Oh, er, River's a savage one under there lol !

  4. frogpondsrock; an individual caterpillar probably wouldn't do too much damage, (especially if I spotted him in time), but these pesky buggers appear by the dozens out of nowhere. I'm not sure what they grow into, there's never any butterflies around here.

    AJ; they're funny to watch when they're crawling across footpaths etc on their way to something green. They're quite speedy.

    Jayne; you should see what I do to snails....

  5. Never mess with the killer instincts of a gardner.

  6. I used to get green ones all over my mint, and when you squash them they smell minty! They ate it down to stalks while I was on holiday - thank goodness mint is tough cos I relied on it for mojitos.

  7. Kath; for the plants or the caterpillar?

    JahTeh; yep that's me, raging river.

    Toni; I didn't think anything ate mint.