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Thursday, July 8, 2010

my oven bakes unevenly

Always has.
I'd lived here less than a week when I figured out the oven bakes hotter than the degree stated on the dial, and hotter at the front than at the back.
I got used to it pretty quickly, dialing for 140 degrees instead of 180, for instance, most things turn out just fine.
Especially if I remember to rotate the pan throughout baking.
But things like custards?
Well, see for yourself:-

Egg custards before baking......

Egg custards after baking....

Centre one perfect, front left, close to perfect.
The others? Meh.
They were still yummy though.


  1. Aw gawd, I'm laughing at how different they all are and the middle one is perfection!

    But you're right: I'd still happily eat any of the other ones as well!

  2. Ah just knock the skin off. Weird how every oven's different isn't it. Mine's not too bad but then I'm not much of a baker. I find the fan forced distributes heat better. I was only thinking this morning about making mini custard tarts, how weird's that?

  3. Baino, I look forward to seeing pictures of your mini tarts. Or is it just the thinking that's happened?
    Kath, I make these when I've had eggs in the fridge but haven't felt like eating them, boiled, scrambled, fried, nothing appeals, so custards it is. Of course, I don't eat them all in one day.