Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

a pretty ending..... a crappy day.

Things at work were less than perfect today, with many small things out of my control going wrong, and nothing I could do about it.

I found myself getting angry, unreasonably so, since there wasn't anything I could do to correct the problems.
By the end of my shift I was angry with myself for being angry........
Definitely a no-win situation.

I went home and had a good stress releasing cry, stuffed myself with chocolate cake, then went to bed.

Woke up two hours later feeling better and walked to the library.

Got home to find this.
Late afternoon sunlight coming through my lounge room window.
This photo was taken from inside with the camera almost up against the glass.

Helped improve my day quite a bit.


  1. Every time I turned around today, I seemed to knock something off a shelf or what I wanted way up high so I had to tiptoe to get it. The final straw was forgetting I had 24 mini cupcakes in the trolley and throwing a loaf of bread on top fortunately they were covered in heavy plastic.

  2. Dear River - that window is just gorgeous.
    2. We will always have the healing properties of chocolate. Chocolate is reliable. Efficaceous. oh yes.
    Tomorrow will be better.

  3. Thanks, both of you. Tomorrow will definitely be better. Chocolate does work miracles doesn't it?
    And pretty sunlight patterns cheer me up too.

  4. Aww sometimes all you need is a cathartic cry and a little sunshine seeping in. Feeling much the same today after yesterday's euphoria, the blues have kicked in but no sun shining through the clouds. I think Ill go back to bed. Feel better!

  5. Chocolate is good for the soul and that window is just lovely :)

  6. River, all the other lovely commenters have said what my own brain is echoing - chocolate, pretty sunlight and a good nights' sleep work wonders.

    And a good cry, too. (Pats shoulder and flashes you a sympathetic smile)

  7. Thank you everyone. Today was much better, except there's no chocolate cake left....
    Guess I'll have to start on the stash of chocolate blocks in the fridge. There's a nice Lindt Gold White with Almonds calling to me.