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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

self-serve checkouts

While in the city yesterday, I stopped in to see the "new and improved" Woolworths supermarket in Rundle Mall. It looks pretty good.

I remembered that Kath from Gone Chocco said that the Waterthins Wafer Straws she reviewed were bought at Woolies, so looked for them and bought some.

Headed for the checkout area and noticed the store now had two lanes of self-serve checkouts.
Spaced really widely apart to allow for people's trolleys. Should I try it? Oh heck, why not? Doesn't look hard at all.

Scanned my one lonely item, placed it in the bag section while I fed my $5 into the note slot and watched as the coin slot gave me my change. Fascinating.

Would I use these on a regular basis if my local Coles installed them? Maybe. It's really easy and I know how to pack bags.

Then again, after packing groceries for a gazillion* customers each week, I kind of like the idea that someone else can pack for me for a change.

Do any of you have these self-serve checkouts at your shopping centres? Have you used them?
Did you find them more or less convenient? Easy to use? Would you use them again? Or do you prefer the checkout chook option, with the opportunity to chat while your groceries get packed for you?

*=slight exaggeration


  1. There is one at Big W and I tried to use it but I couldn't get it to scan properly so I haven't tried since. I like to have a bit of a chat at the checkout anyway.

  2. I go to the quickest option. If there's nobody at self-serve, it's where I go. If the line is short for the checkout operators, I go there.

    I have no preference either way; but I hate waiting so I go the quickest option.

  3. Kim; you need to aim the barcode at the scanning screen.

    AJ; whatever works best for you. Lots of people don't like waiting and search for the shortest lane. Sometimes this works against them as the operator may have to make calls for price checks or hold the line up while he/she orders extra change for the till. It's really six-of-one, half-dozen-of-the-other isn't it?

  4. Nah, i used them once during the Christmas rush and everything jammed up so I haven't been game since.

  5. Onya River - the wafers are delicious!

    As for self-serve, I do use them when the checkout lines are full but if the bags are shifted or you take too long or the quarter moon enters the cusp of Jupiter, then it seems to go 'BLERK' and one of the staff have to log on and help you. In fact, they always have a full-time staffer there by the self-serve, so in reality it's NOT self serve and I still get to have a chat with Adam.

    Word verification - Infrac - the frustration experienced when a self-serve electronic checkout logs off when you shift your bag of bananas to the left, thus requiring the assistance of a check out operator.

  6. Baino and Kath; so they do have problems that need to be ironed out. Thanks for the heads up. I'll know not to go through them if I have a full load.

    Kath; I found the wafers nice enough, but after three, a bit sickly. So not nice enough to buy them again. I really prefer those ones that come in round tins and by the time you get them home most of them are broken if you're not careful.

  7. Cannot stand the damn things as they barely work properly and I figure they take away someone's job.