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Saturday, July 10, 2010

wild and woolly

It's definitely winter now, here in good old Adelaide.
We've had a few frosty mornings that made me wish I was working a later shift, but the sun would shine through a bit later and warm things up a bit.
Last night however, the wind and rain kicked in.
I love this weather!!
Before going to bed last night, I went out into the carport and tied up the tubes on my favourite wind chime. It's a big one, the tubes range from 50cm to 66cm. I love the sound from this one.

You can see from the picture that the tubes hang unevenly at the top, they're supposed to be level.
Years ago, Prince-not-so-charming insisted I take it down as he was afraid the chimes would annoy the neighbours. To which I quite naturally said "pffft", so he took it down for me and threw it (yes threw it) under a cupboard. Where it stayed until he left, then I hung it up again, but haven't yet adjusted the strings to level it.
But I digress, as I do....
Walking to work this morning was a bit of a challenge. Dark and rainy, as expected, I walked the entire distance dodging branches that had been blown off trees, and stepping carefully over or around puddles. I did miss one and spent the entire morning with a wet left foot. A small price to pay for enjoying this wonderful season.
As I write this, at 4.45pm, the wind is still blowing, although not nearly as gustily as it was during the night.
So gustily did it blow, that stuff stored in the carport next door was blown into my front yard.
My precious rose cuttings that are struggling to survive were blown over, (they're in small pots), but don't seem to be damaged at all. Time will tell.
Have I mentioned that I love winter? It's a snuggly time of year, with soft jumpers, warm quilts, hot chocolate and warm apple pies to look forward to.


  1. I'm more of an autumn girl, myself.

  2. Frogdancer; late autumn with sunny days and nights cool enough to sleep comfortably are great, ditto mid-spring, but I love the windy rainy days of winter best.

  3. I do love me a hearty Winter :)
    Fingers crossed for your rose cuttings.

  4. Apparently it's 16C outside here, but I'm doubtful. Very doubtful. The wind is icy. Ugh.

    I need some windchimes.

  5. Jayne; I love me some hearty winter foods.

    Veronica; it's probably 16C wherever the weather people have stationed their thermometer. Clearly not outside your house. Windchimes are cheerful.

  6. I hate winter, not fond of summer but Spring and Autumn - wonderful - I have the same chimes but I've never had to tie them. They're so heavy that it's a strong wind that makes them play.

  7. Baino; you have more space around your house too, to absorb the sound. My neighbours are about 6 feet away. I tie the chimes on really gusty nights so as not to disturb their sleep.