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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Selections # 42

Sunday Selections is brought to us by Kim, from Frog Ponds Rock.

The idea is to bring to light any old photos from your files that haven't yet been seen by anyone other than yourself.

To join in simply choose and post your photos under the Sunday Selections title, link back to Kim, then go on over to Frogpondsrock, add your name to the linky list and leave a comment there on Kim's post.

For this week, I've chosen >>>


Henry is one of those Message Bears that you used to be able to buy in Post Offices and are now available in lots of other places too. In different styles. Mostly skinny. I like my chubby Henry.

When I found out the shoe factory was definitely closing down, I wanted a way to remember all my friends.

So, I bought Henry and when there was only one or two weeks left I took him in to work and asked a few people to sign their names and then pass him on.
A couple of people got a little cheeky with their autographs....

 Well, Henry made his way all over the factory, even into the children's shoes department
 before he got back to me, then I took him into the office area and had the bosses and supervisors sign him too.
The Union rep was there and he signed Henry too.

I even asked one of the machinists to insert an eyelet in Henry's ear for an earring.
Unfortunately, before I took Henry in, many of my friends had already left and taken jobs elsewhere, but I still have a lot of signatures.
After all this time however I can't remember who some of the people are.
I wish now that I'd taken photos too.
Some of them I didn't know in the first place, because it was a big factory and I mostly only knew the people in my department, men's shoes,  and the ones in the women's shoes area.


  1. What a wonderful keepsake. Cool earring too....Henry has style.

  2. What a lovely idea, I wish I had done that when the business I had worked for for almost 10 years was sold. I didn't last a year with the new company, it just wasn't the same, but the original company was like family. When Miss 5 was born they all chipped in and bought her a beautiful, proper wooden rocking horse, which I will always be able to remember them by.

    I did see many of them earlier this year when my old boss lost his battle with cancer. The number of former employees and people who dealt with him who travelled from around the country to be there was telling of the wonderful people they were.

  3. What a wonderful way to remember (or nearly remember) people. Great idea. I love his earring too.

  4. Delores; Henry's a Cool Dude.

    permanently amanda; it's sad when the family you've worked with for so long breaks up. I'd been at my factory for 9 years, some of the people had been there since they'd left school, as much as 40 years.

    EC; thanks. I look at Henry now and really wish I'd taken photos too. I have only one photograh of my time there.

  5. You should call him Pirate Henry with that earring. Its a Bonza keep sake and should bring back pleasant memories i hope :-).

  6. I had one of those bears for my 21st, he is still around somewhere, great way to remember people I don't see very often anymore.

  7. Poetry of the Day; welcome to drifting. Thank you. I'll have a look at your blog.

    Windsmoke; very pleasant memories. Henry did start out as Pirate Henry, but now he's just Henry.

    Marita; you'll have to find him and put up a photo.

  8. I smiled at the bear and then I also smiled at your story about the Mulberry tree and the wine.

  9. It's a great idea to get people to sign Henry - that's something I've often neglected to do and it's too easy to forget the characters you'd spend the major part of your waking hours with!

    He still looks lovely and clean, too!

  10. That is a lovely idea and a sweet looking bear ;-)

  11. How sad but happy!! I love bears and this one has such happy memories written all over it. Thank you for sharing this special bear with us on Sunday Selections.xxlynda