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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Selections # 89

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

Originally begun by Kim at Frog Ponds Rock, now continued by me as a way to show off photos that might otherwise never see the light of day.

The rules are very simple and few. photos of your choice under the Sunday Selections title.
2. Link back to me, River
3. Leave me a comment so that I know you've joined us.

This week I'm going to show you one of the many homes I've lived in since coming back to Adelaide.
This house is no longer there, a huge block of flats stands in its place.

Looking down the side of the house we rented to the shed/garage.
The garage was kept locked and was off limits to us as the landlord still had stuff in there. 
Behind the house and garage is a huge garden block, with the best growing soil I have ever known.

In this shot I am standing against the back fence, in what was the chook yard, looking down the path to the back door. 
That little black rectangle in the centre of the photo is roughly where the back door is.
In the foreground here is a young fig tree on the right, on the left, the feathery foliage is asparagus.
The fenced off areas on the right, behind the fig tree is vegetable beds. I grew enough vegetables in here to feed us and several other family members. And a few friends.

This is the opposite photo, I'm standing at the kitchen door, under the grapevine covered pergola, looking towards the back fence. 
On the right is the garage, big enough to house a tractor! On the left is the washing line, beyond that a low fence, behind that is an open patch about the size of the flat I now live in, beyond that again is the fenced vegetable beds. Right down the back, the chook yard stretched all the way across the yard with a small chook house on the right.  It was always dark and cool in the chook house, so I bought a boxed mushroom farm and grew them in there.

Here I am standing against the side fence in the open space looking at the fruit and nut trees that were behind the garage, going right down to the chook house. Along the path were three more grapevines.
The trees were peach, apricot, plum, almond, nectarine and lemon.
The small patch of foliage in the front of the photo is mint.

This is the vegetable patch side of the yard. 
I have another photo taken a few months later when everything in there was huge and green, but a couple of the kids are in there too, so I can't show that one.

This is the sultana grapevine that shaded the back area of the house.
When the grape flowers were blooming there would be hundreds of bees out there every day.
The grapes were beautiful; plentiful, plump and sweet. The vines down by the fruit trees had red grapes, the original family used to make their own wine from them.

This is me, just coming in from hanging some washing.  Note the overgrown grass which nobody wanted to mow. The small tree trunks you see there belonged to a small mandarin tree. Yum.

Inside, the house was large and cool, but the decor was........ummm......different.

The dining room, separated from the kitchen by the arch. The window looked onto the driveway.
We had the fridge on the kitchen side of the arch and the freezer on the dining side.
Beside the cabinets was the door leading to the bathroom.

The other side of the dining room.  The fridge and freezer still work after all these years and my daughter K has them now.

The hallway, which we stacked with stuff while we decided permanent homes for it all. 
Most of it ended up staying right where you see it.
Here's what I mean about the "interesting" decor--see all those vine leaves on the walls?
Painted on.
Hand stencilled. 
They were also in every bedroom, but in different colours.

The front sunroom which we used as a lounge room, although we mostly spent time in the kitchen and dining room when we weren't outside. No vine leaves here, the walls were mostly window.

My room, covered in stencilled vine leaves. Originally intended as a lounge room, but appropriated by me as all other rooms were filled with kids, partners, grand daughter #1.
And the cat, Harley. You met him last week.

The kitchen. Not pretty, but the comfortable scene of many family gatherings. The sink (and back door) was to the right and looked out over the yard.

Friday, September 28, 2012

I got on the bus and saw..

(sitting in my spot!)

 ...a t-shirt that got my attention.
I just had to get the man's attention and tell him I loved his shirt.

The shirt?
Long-sleeved black hoodie.
With a white silhouette image and white lettering.

The image was a canoe with four men paddling.

The words?

"paddle faster, I hear banjos"

Ha ha!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I woke up this morning...

...which was no surprise to me...I always wake up after being sound asleep for several hours.

It's a habit I've developed over the years.

But this morning there was something different.......something......not nice.

The heavy, yucky feeling of tonsillitis in my throat.

I haven't had this in many, many years, but it's not the sort of feeling one forgets.

So after work, I went straight to the doctor who confirmed what I already knew and prescribed me some penicillin. I very rarely take antibiotics, for most of my life, I just don't get sick.
Off I went to the chemist and I now have in front of me a huge box of good old fashioned penicillin.
50 capsules. 

It isn't the more modern amoxycillin or whatever is the current version, which comes in the correct dosage supply for the two weeks it must be taken.
This is a big box of fifty.
The doctor did say I don't have to take all of them, but to be sure and take them for at least a fortnight.
Which I will do of course, but that will leave me with quite a few left over.
22 to be exact.

What does one do with left over penicillin?
I'll return them to the chemist. 

Or perhaps string them together as a bracelet........

No, that's too much like work, I'll return them.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday #42

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for your googled giggle to get you over the midweek hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.

And it's a long weekend this time!


it's PIE day!!

Every long weekend deserves pie.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Selections #88

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

Originally begun by Kim at Frog Ponds Rock as a way to show off old photos that have been languishing in your files, now continued by me.

Rules are very simple:
1. post photos (old or new) of your choice under the Sunday Selections title.
2. Link back to me.
3. Leave me a comment so that I know you've joined in.
(Then I can visit your blog and look at your photos).

This week, I am showing photos of some of the many pets I've had over the years.

Most recently.....Chippy, my Siamese Fighter.

Chippy was with me from January 2008 to mid 2010.

Chippy used to love to sleep nestled within the arm of his statue, until he got too big to fit.
Then he would sleep down near the coloured stones, close to the air bubbler.

Going back several years, while the kids were still at home, I had Harley.
A tiny orange (marmalade) tabby given to me by my daughter T.

Harley had his own toy kitty to play with, rose coloured, so I named her Rose.
Does anyone out there remember the song Harley and Rose?
I think it was sung by the Black Sorrows. Correct me if I'm wrong, I won't mind.

Harley and Rose.

We would toss Rose up onto the couch and Harley would wrestle her back on to the floor.

He loved climbing, as all cats do,

...but sometimes would just sit and watch the TV too.

J and Harley often played together.

And after long hours of playing...

....Harley would fall asleep just where I wanted to put my feet up.

When Harley was about three years old, he developed kidney disease and cost me quite a bit in vet fees. Then the vet told me he would have to stay on a special diet for the rest of his days, a highly priced, available only from the vet, special diet. I was on my own by then, with the kids and couldn't afford it. I had Harley put down and cried for days.

Before Harley, there was....

Mad Max the third. This is the dog who turned on me one day when I disciplined him, I still have marks on my arms from his teeth and claws. He was always a bit timid and became a "fear biter". I had him put down the very next day.  Sad, but necessary. We lived in a street where there were many small children, I couldn't risk him getting out and attacking one.

Even earlier still.....

Mad Max the second.
BEST DOG EVER!!  He learned very quickly which day was shopping day and would hang his paws over the garden gate waiting for us to arrive home with his beef shin bone.

 As a puppy aged just ten months he saved our home from burglars, keeping them at bay even after they hit him on the head, until the woman next door called the police. She'd glanced out her window to see why he was making such a racket. We were at work and were called home by an officer who informed us that the burglars had broken into several houses that day, but had been captured thanks to our Max holding them off and the woman next door calling the police. Thanks, Lyn.

When Max was three years old, we had to sell our house (don't ask) and move to a rental. They didn't allow pets, so we gave Max away to a lovely family who already had two dogs of their own and children for him to play with.  We heard later that he settled in very well and was happy, treating his new family the same way he had treated us.
I still miss this dog very much.  He'd be 25 now....

Saturday, September 22, 2012

strangely...I find myself knitting again

Years ago, I used to knit stuff.
Not much, because I'm not very good at it, and never anything really big.

In the beginning, at around age 17-18, I knitted a huge six foot long, eight inches wide,  scarf in blocks of colour.
The plan was to knit several more, then sew them together and have a colourful bedcover.
Never happened.
Two winters ago, I finally gave away the scarf. 

I mostly stuck to small stuff, like baby bonnets and bootees, a few matinee jackets, even a toddler jumper or two.  I used to be able to do a complete pair of bootees in a night.
Nothing to brag about really, the mother-in-law could knit an entire layette in a night and do the matching shawl the next night.
I swear that woman could knit in her sleep!
Me? I have to count rows and stitches and read the pattern line by line........stitch by stitch.......

In 2010 I knitted a pale pink scarf for my youngest grand daughter.
I'd seen the wool in Lincraft and couldn't pass it up, it was so soft and pretty.

It was used as a ninja scarf for the baby doll.
Doll and scarf are still at my house.

Sometime later, on a night when I had nothing to do, the computer was crashed, I made a bonnet for the same baby doll.

Not bad for on a whim, no pattern, use up that last bit of wool, couple of hours.

Then I put the needles away.

Last week, my daughter K gave me a ball of yarn she had left over from learning to finger knit.
She'd only used a couple of metres, and couldn't be bothered doing anything more with it.
I brought it home and looked at it for a day or so, then out came the needles and I started knitting.

A skinny scarf.

The ball of yarn is almost all gone, but I've decided I want this scarf to be long.
Really long. Tom Baker-Dr Who long.

So I went out today and bought two more balls. The scarf should eventually be almost 3 metres long.

I love the colours and the store has other colour ranges in the same yarn.
Maybe I'll make more scarves.
Maybe I'll get bored after the one and not knit again for another few years.

I'll always have the needles though.
Just in case.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I have an issue...

...with a few of the blogs I like to read.

I won't mention which ones they are, that's not necessary.

Here's my issue.
I read these blogs every time a new post pops up in my sidebar.
Then I read all the comments.
No problem there.

Very occasionally, I am moved to leave a comment myself.

Then the next time I read a new post on that blog, there is no comment button (link) to be found.
A few posts later, there is still no comment button.
Eventually there is a post with a comment button and I can read the comments again.
And again and again, until one day, I'll leave a comment.

Lo and behold! Next post, no comment button again. 

It's happened often enough that I'm now convinced they don't want my comments.
I won't comment. 
Ever again. 
But I will still read your posts.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Whimsical Wednesday # 41

Welcome back to Whimsical Wednesday!

The day for a googled giggle to get you over the hump that is Wednesday and sliding down into the weekend.


Tuesday, September 18, 2012

out with the old, in with the new

We're all familiar with the bright blue shirts worn by Coles workers?

here's a reminder....a little faded, but still blue.

Well, these old, soft, comfy shirts are no more.

We have new shirts.
NEW! shirts.

Beige and white striped shirts.
Still with the red logo.

Almost looks grey doesn't it?
Trust me, it's beige. Maybe I should turn on the flash now and again on my camera.....

the logo is on the back too, so coming or going, everyone knows us as a Coles worker.
Handy for customers looking for assistance.

There's a back pleat for ease of movement.

Cuffs on the sleeves too.
We had a choice of sleeve lengths, short, three-quarter, or long.
I chose short, as I always do, I can't work in long sleeves, even rolled up they're uncomfortable for me and three-quarter sleeves just seem odd to me.
They're neither up nor down and drive me crazy.

The women's shirts have darts for shaping and semi-fitted side seams too.
They're in a heavier fabric than the old blue ones, so these shirts need to be ironed.


I haven't ironed anything in years!  
Well, an occasional pass of the iron when the blue shirts got left in the dryer..., maybe twice a year.

But these new shirts will need ironing after every wash.

So I had to go out and buy one of these...

An ironing board for heaven's sake!




All because we need to upgrade our image. 

Walking into the store yesterday and seeing everyone wearing the new shirts.......well, we do look
a little more professional.
We all look rather nice.

Monday, September 17, 2012

what a surprise!

This morning, before I went into Coles, I went to the Post Office to check my post box, as I always do, and found a parcel delivery card indicating a parcel too big to fit in the box was waiting for me inside the Post Office.

So in I went to collect it.
It was huge! And soft too, so not heavy and I carried it over to Coles and left it, unopened on top of the lockers while I worked my shift, then brought it home.

I've just opened it to find the most beautiful, queen bed sized, deep, deep red velour blanket/throw rug. I immediately wrapped myself in it and sat on the couch while waiting for the computer to start up and decided I'll definitely be wrapping myself in it next winter as I sit on the couch watching TV.
What a wonderful surprise gift! Huge, soft, warm, and my favourite colour.

My brother R had bought it for me in Germany.
He'd recently holidayed there with his lovely partner V, staying just under a month and having a wonderful time.
They visited the tiny town of Bergedorf, (just outside Hamburg) where I'd been born, and found the house (block of flats) where my mum had lived with her parents as a child.
They saw the Black Forest, took a couple of boat trips on lakes and rivers, and took many, many photos. He said he'll send me some of them, and I'll share them with you all on this blog here.

Tucked inside the fabulous blanket was a usb stick with a note attached. The usb is loaded with 1700 books for my kindle.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sunday Selections #87

Welcome back to Sunday Selections!

Begun by Kim of Frog Ponds Rock, now continued by me and The Elephant's Child.

Rules are very simple:
1. post photos of your choice under the Sunday Selections title.
2. link back to me.

The original concept was to show old photos that have been lying around in your files and never being seen, but lately I've been showing some of the newer photos instead.

This is because I go through the old files but can't remember which photos I've already used.
I meant to put them in a separate folder once I'd shown them, but that didn't happen.

Anyway, as promised last Sunday, this week I bring you the mystery object in the glassed-in room at the front of our Fire Station.

This is the area I'm talking about. If you enlarge the photo you'll see what's inside......
(The shiny blue and white building behind is our huge new Police Station)

In case you have trouble reading it, here is what the sign says-
                                           SHAND MASON
                                     STEAM FIRE ENGINE
Manufactured by the Shand Mason Co. London in 1895, arriving at Port Adelaide in April 1896.
On receipt of a fire call, coal and kindling wood in the furnace box of the steamer were ignited by taper or a gas jet. The horses were trained to walk to the shaft and the harness was lowered from the ceiling over the horses and connected to the pump.This took less than a minute to accomplish. 
By the time the Shand Mason arrived at the fire, there was a sufficient head of steam to drive the pump. 
Approximately 1500 litres of water (350 gallons) per minute were delivered through twocanvas hoses and could be pumped tyo a height of 38 metres (120 feet). The crew comprised of  four firefighters and a driver.
One of the few fire pumps of its type remaining in the world, our Shand Mason has been lovingly restored by two firefighters, Bob Grant and Kym Probert, who are stationed at headquarters.  Six months of painstaking research and work were spent to restore this piece of unique South Australian history to its original condition.

Now here are some of the photos I took.

The Shand Mason.
Isn't she just beautiful?