so I've switched browsers, again

Internet Explorer was giving me grief.
Google Chrome looked so promising.
Everybody said it was great.
I ummed and ahhed a bit, and finally after an exceptionally bad day, I switched my system to GC.
Things went well.

But soon, little annoyances began happening.
Little windows popping up here and there saying google chrome could not locate the webpage.
These windows were on top of the webpage it supposedly could not locate, obscuring bits of either text or image, sometimes both.

Very, very annoying. 

Sites taking too long to load. (shades of IE)
Also, once a site had loaded, I was unable to scroll down the page, without first minimising, then bringing the page back up.
What a PITA.

I'm currently running on Firefox. Thank you daughter K! who switched the whole system when she popped in to help out with a kindle problem I've been having.

Things are looking good. 

I've yet to do a photo post with it, tomorrow's Sunday Selections is already scheduled, as is Wednesday's Whimsical post.

Now for another minor irritation.
Does anyone else get that pink bar across the top of the new post window with  the warning "an error occurred while trying to save or publish your post". with these two options-> "Please try again. Ignore warning".

What's that all about?
I ignore the warning and continue but sometimes have to close the work then come back and edit it later. Not a big deal, but but something that makes me say oh f***!


  1. River, if the little window pops up, it mans it is taking to long to load, and that means your wireless broadband is too slow.

    Did you check how many bars (usually looks like those on your mobile phone) on your internet provider screen?

    From my experience, wireless broadband usually conk out on weekend or evening when everyone is using it.

  2. You can also try moving the laptop around the house to get better reception as indicated by the bar.

  3. drb; I know about the slow times when everybody is on, but this was beginning to happen during my usually good hours too. I haven't tried using it in the other room, (I only have two rooms, the kitchen is a 1 1/2 x 2 metre bump out of the lounge room), but I have noticed that sometimes the connection is better when the laptop is on the coffee table instead of the big table. The bigger annoyance was seeing an apparently empty page not loading, yet when minimising and bringing back the window, there was the blog or other site I'd been wanting to read. Then having to repeat that process in order to be able to scroll.

  4. I get that message regularly - I assumed it was because the auto-save came on while a photo was uploading and the system couldn't cope. I just choose 'Ignore'.

    I loathe technological failures - I've got WAAAAY better things to do with my time!!! Good luck with Firefox!

  5. River, from my limited experience with dongles in laptops and mobile phones, it can be just the direction you are facing, so if sitting at your big table is not so good, try sitting in a different direction.

    I occasionally see the auto save fail message. It usually saves the next time it tries. Just remember how good auto save is. In days of old, you would lose a whole post if you forgot to manually save and something went wrong.

  6. I'm no help with computers but I hope it all works out for you.

    This type of thing makes me glad I'm married to a computer guy. It also makes me realise how much it makes me rely on him!

  7. I've been on firefox for ages and it works just fine. Good luck.

  8. You need someone who knows much more than I do. All I have is tea and sympathy. I have all three browsers available on my computer and use them for different things.

  9. I gave up on Googlechrome when it wouldn't let me update.
    I ignore the error message because if you watch the save button it usually saves during this message. I haven't had any problems with loading photos either.

  10. I play with Firefox - which is mostly fine. Except when it isn't. Good luck.

  11. Andrew; I don't have many options when it comes to moving about, there's the big table which is against a wall, and the coffee table in the middle of the room, or the bed. Maybe the density of buildings has something to do with it as well, along with those times when everyone else in the world is also logging on or off, clogging up the airwaves.

    Sarah; so far, so good. my daughter is the one who helps me out. I don't know what I'd do without her.

    Delores; it seems to be working really well.

    Joanne; I prefer to have only one browser that I can rely on. Tea (sugar,no milk) and sympathy are always welcome.

    JahTeh; google chrome wasn't as good as I'd been expecting. The save button saves the minute I stop typing, every few seconds while I'm thinking about my next words.

    EC; I hope this will be my last swap over. Everything is fine so far.

  12. Red Nomad; I hate technological failures because I have no idea what's going wrong or how to fix it. If we'd had computer classes in high school, I would have been first in line to start learning and probably wouldn't have left school at 15.

  13. When the pink bar comes up, I press ignore and keep going with what I'm doing. I work with chrome, as firefox and IE wouldn't access things for me, though I do still have IE available on the computer if Chrome takes a hissy fit. I hate it when things go pear shaped with the computer, but like you I have people I can call and beg help from. Best of luck with it.


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