Sunday Selections #85

Welcome back to Sunday Selections.
This weekly meme was begun by Kim of Frog ponds Rock  and is now continued by me.

The rules are very simple:
1. post photos of your choice using the Sunday Selections title
2. link back to me

That's it.
Easy, yes?

Today I bring you a few more pre-dawn photos from the Norwood Parade.

These are all photos of the scaffolding that was around the Town Hall Clock Tower in June last year.

There were no alterations going on just cleaning and repair, when the scaffolding was finally removed the tower looked brighter, fresher and the clock face was shiny.


  1. Love it. And also love the early morning solitude you have captured. Thanks.

  2. On your way home from a party? It can be very interesting to be up and out in the very early morning as the city starts to move.

  3. You have caught the early morning crispness and solitude very well!!

  4. Good job, that scaffolding. Can you imagine going up there on a ladder!

  5. Its amazing what a bit of spit 'n' polish does.

  6. EC; early morning solitude is often the best time of day.

    Andrew; party? no, no, no. I was on my way to work.

    One Too Many; welcome to drifting. early morning is a great time for photos. No people, no traffic, no noise.

    Joanne; just the thing I would have climbed all over as a kid. Me and my brother were always getting up high on whatever would support us. Oh, okay my brother and I...

    Windsmoke; I've noticed that myself. shine the taps and the whole bathroom looks cleaner.


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