Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

a crafty hint and a royal bedroom

I was idly flipping through an old magazine last night, one last glance at all the pretty stuff before I tossed it in the recycle bin, when I saw this>>>

a clever little idea for all you crafters, scrapbookers, home sewers and gift wrappers.

A few pages later, I found the perfect bedroom for JahTeh>>>

ROYAL purple, for the QUEEN of Southland.
Against a purple wall, a purple padded headboard with a silver "tiara" frame, fronted by purple cushions.


  1. I can imagine Jah Teh propped up in that bed.

  2. That's a pretty grand bedhead. Is it me or do bed seem shorter these days.

  3. Very elegant bedroom...

  4. Boy, our cats would have a grand old time with that ribbon dispenser.

  5. The ribbon dispenser... what a great idea. I have one of those little white containers, but I'm not sure all my ribbon spools are the same height...

  6. That ribbon dispenser is one of the best ideas I've seen fora long time.
    Bed for a queen....looks very regal indeed.

  7. Great idea for a ribbon dispenser. I have mine all on a dowel, but still, they can unravel. This is a better idea.

    And, oh the purple! I love purple - even my logo, business cards etc are purple :)

  8. A paramount idea for ribbon. Mine always gets tangled and I end up tossing it.

  9. Oooh. On both counts. I am not crafty, but that ribbon dispenser is tempting.
    And the bedroom does indeed look fit for Queen Jahteh. Rich and sumptuous.

  10. Great idea for the ribbons. As for the bed - what would it look like after the dogs and cats had slept on it?

  11. Andrew; me too, with a cup of hot chocolate, a good book and a tiara on her head.

    Merlesworld; I'm short so the length of beds doesn't matter so much to me, which means I haven't taken any notice. Perhaps you have begun growing again?

    Delores; I love the bedspread more than I do the purple bed and walls.

    Susan; make one just for them and hide one for yourself.

    Jackie K; welcome to drifting. Cut the bottom out of your dispenser and sit it over a lunchbox of similar length and width.

    Mimsie; small and neat, easily put away, just the sort of thing I like. The bedroom is very regal.

    Vicki; now you know what to do with your dowel. I like purple, but my bedroom is red and green. Technically it is burgundy and teal which always looks blue in photos.There are photos somewhere on the blog...

    Manzanita; I used to keep my ribbon spools in ziplock bags. Last week I gave the whole lot, plus laces and buttons, cottons etc to the local Goodwill store.

    Elephant's Child; for someone who uses ribbons a lot, it would be a nifty addition to their supplies. The bedroom is perfect for JahTeh, just what she needs to unwind after a hard day.

    jabblog; dogs and cats on the bed??? nononononono

  12. It DOES look regal, doesn't it?

    A gal could spend a lot of time in a room like that...


  13. Pearl; nothing wrong with that idea.

  14. Love that ribbon idea! I'm definitely adopting! That bedroom is so fancy, I probably wouldn't be able to sleep! Very pretty!

  15. The only thing I need to unwind after a hard day which is wrapped in purple is chocolate.
    While I love to wear this colour, I mean velvet violet is just me, I couldn't have this bedroom. I tried going all dark and mysterious but it didn't work, I need calming pastels around me, doona covers, sheets and lace curtains and I have fairy lights along the top of the wrought iron bedhead. I never pull the blind because I like sleeping in moonlight.
    Excuse me while I go to ebay and see if there is any violet velvet on sale.

  16. Diane Tolley; the ribbon dispenser is a handy little thing if you use a lot of ribbon. I don't anymore, not since I stopped making the girls dresses. They buy their own clothes now.

    JahTeh; Pastels are better for sleeping I've heard and blue is apparently the most soothing colour of all. I love lace curtains and still have mine in a bag in the wardrobe. I love the idea of fairy lights along the bedhead! I pull the blinds at night and the curtains too, at this time of year, to keep the cold out.

  17. I love the ribbon idea, not so much the bed, but I can see how some would fancy it.

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