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Friday, June 21, 2013

I MacGyvered it

Why do I do these silly things to myself?

I cleaned the lint off the dryer filter, then noticed the extra lint and dust between the grill and the fine mesh.

So I took it apart to clean it properly and as I unscrewed the tiny screw that holds the whole thing together, it fell apart and a spring popped out and flew across the floor.

Not a big problem, I'll just put it back together.....ummm, as soon as I work out how......trouble is, I hadn't seen which way all the bits were sitting together. Usually I look at  things pretty carefully as I take them apart and then just put them back together in the reverse order and all is well.

Not this time.
The plastic grill has two small handles held together somehow by a spring. Then the nylon mesh fits over that. When the handles are squeezed together, the whole filter releases from the dryer door for cleaning.

these are the two small handles and the spring.

The dryer works alright without the filter attached, so I set it going....

....but noticed the bathroom quickly got covered in lint and dust.


So I put the grill and mesh back together without the releasing handle and fixed it to the dryer door.

Ta-Da!  Duct tape to the rescue!
See the label in the centre with a little gap either side?

this bit right here. The vertical slots are where the handles are supposed to be. The nylon mesh fits onto the back of this grill bit. In between is the spring that operates the squeezing of the handles.
Well, that's where it's supposed to be.

Instead, it is on my table, mocking me.

But the dryer still works.
I'll just have to buy a lifetime supply of duct tape.

So I can stick the filter back on after each time I clean out the lint of course.


  1. Keep playing with'll get it. Or..pop in to your nearest appliance centre and have them show you how.

  2. Delores to the rescue. That is exactly the solution.
    We bought blinds for a room once, and hung them. They didn't work. We took them to the store, screwed into a piece of scrap wood, so they could see the stupidity of the design. When they were done chuckling they showed us how to hang them..frontwards, not backwards.
    Yep, go to the store. You'll make their day.

  3. Lol! I've been known to do similar things to the vacuum cleaner :D

  4. Hi River,

    I can relate. However, when I use duct tape, I usually end up getting more on my fingers than anywhere else.

    Still, it was good you got to um vent your frustrations by writing about it.


  5. Believe me, I'm not laughing at you; I'm laughing with you. I HATE it when I take things apart and have a bugger of a time getting them back together again. (Especially when my husband is watching me with a smirk on his face.)

  6. I used to pull my old electric razor to pieces to clean it. I tried with my new one and could not get it back together. I broke a non critical part but eventually I got it back together, just not quite as good as it was. Keep at it and it is rare that anything has to be forced to get back together.

  7. Been there, done that. Or very similar things. I love Delores' suggestion though.

  8. Hi River,

    That's the reason I try to get out of doing any DIY or "fixing" things.




  9. Now that really is a huge frustration but you've managed to get the dryer working which is the main thing. I take it you don't have a manual that goes with the dryer so I reckon Delores' suggestion is spot on.

  10. Delores; that's plan B

    Joanne Noragon; I'll get to the service centre as soon as I find it.

    Vicki; vacuum cleaners are easy, heaters too.

    klahanie; duct tape is my best friend, but you have to get the good stuff, not the cheap variety.

    Susan; my brother used to take things apart and put them back together with bits left over. They all still worked fine.

    Andrew; my son pulls his apart and his hair trimmer too. Cleans, oils and puts them back together. The hair trimmer is 19 years old and in perfect working order.

    Elephant's Child; I like Delores suggestion too. As soon as I find the service center in the phone book, I'll head there.

    kelley@magnetoboldtoo; I said a few much stronger words.

    Plasman; you're wiser than I am then. But usually I don't have this much trouble with things.

    Mimsie; the dryer was working anyway, it's just the lint filter off the front of the door. The manual is long lost...unless it's in the warranties box, I didn't look there yet. The dryer is probably 15-years old already.

  11. ...I'm smiling at the duct tape,'s a great solution to the immediate problem...
    When the belt at the back of my dryer broke, my Hubby made a new/makeshift belt with venetian blind cord...worked perfectly....
    ..clever lady...
    Hugs ... Barb xx

  12. I love it, lol, something like what I would do lol.

  13. barbara Neubeck; I remember my father in law making a new drive belt for mum in laws washing machine from an old stocking and in later years a pair of panty hose. These days the pantyhose fabric isn't strong enough.

    The Wicked Writer; you're a MacGyver fan too?

  14. Yep. Did the same thing. Ended up using an old nylon stocking as a filter. Sigh.

  15. Diane Tolley; I just put the filter back together without the handle, which is the part that grips onto the door. So..duct tape.