Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

I saw it in the newspaper

right there in black and white.

well, the text was black and white.
the dog, on the other hand is a multi-hued....

see for yourself>>>

rubber ducky.....


Big Bird composite.

it's a poodle!!

Apparently it takes quite some time to get this effect. The hair must be grown,  then dyed,  then clipped, or maybe it's clipped and then dyed...

And there was this one>>>

Yoda.Not sure what type of dog this one is, it could also be a poodle.


  1. Oh, the poor creatures. What a travesty of nature. Maybe they're photoshopped . . . ? I live in (not much) hope.

  2. Bad. I noticed New Jersey in the text. No surprise there.

  3. Crazy dog people it's sad but they do exist.

  4. Some people just have too much money.

  5. Poor little creatures and yet they probably feel loved as they obviously get lots of attention. It's unbelievable what dog owners will do to also get attention perhaps.

  6. Awful. If you want those effects pay your hairdresser and have it done on yourself.

  7. jabblog; it was some sort of competition or show.

    Andrew; I didn't pay much attention, but I see New Jersey there too.

    Merlesworld; people do be crazy.

    Joanne Noragon; and too much time on their hands.

    Mimsie; I'd like to know what the dogs are thinking as they get pampered that much. Probably they think this is normal dog life.

    Elephant's Child; there's a good idea. do it to yourself instead.

  8. whoa, that was crazy! poor dog!

  9. gregory urbano; welcome to drifting. people do crazy things to their pets sometimes.

  10. Yep. The dogs probably love it! Woo-hoo! They're paying attention to me!!! Weird.

  11. How clever. Thanks for reminding me that I have to call for a beauty appointment for Cody but I don't think she gets the color job. Haha

  12. Diane Tolley; I'd say any attention is better left alone in the yard all day.

    Manzanita; just the shampoo and trim then.

  13. Oh my! I think they call this art or pampering.!!

  14. Borderline animal abuse...the poor things will be scarred for life.. LOL

  15. I saw some dogs from that show on TV the other day. Unbelievable! You know those outrageous cut-and-dye jobs had to cost a pretty penny, too. And it sure isn't to benefit the DOGS. It's all about their nutso owners, who obviously have more money than they know what to do with.

  16. Vicki; I agree. I've seen some outrageous hair styling on some women, but nothing to compare with these dogs.

    Dianne; I call it wrong.

    Kymbo Whitford; I don't think the dogs realise what's happening is wrong. to them it's attention and affection.

    Susan; "...more money than they know what to do with." I can tell them what to do with some of that cash.....they could sponsor a child or charity in a third world country for example. Unless they already do, in which case I forgive them.