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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

so much for good intentions

I don't remember much about last winter, it was the first "proper" winter we'd had in quite a while, so yes, it was cold.
The previous eight or so years had been on the warmish side, with just a few frosty weeks in late August/early September.

By mid summer I'd convinced myself that last winter hadn't been all that bad, next time I'd tough it out by rugging up, having hot drinks and soups, not use the heater until the air was hard could it be? I'd save money on the power bill too.


I'm such a wimp.

I'd made it through the Autumn, but here we are, barely a week or so into the official calendar Winter and I've been using the heater for a week. Not all day, but it has been turned on by about 4pm-4.30pm most days.  There's a chill in the air as soon as the sun begins to go down.

There was one day where I didn't turn it on until about 7pm, and on those recent few days where the temperature hovered around 20-22C it didn't get turned on at all.

But I've caved and even used the electric blanket to take the chill off the sheets before getting into bed. I don't turn it on high, and it gets turned off as soon as I get in the bed. It stays warm long enough for me to fall asleep.


  1. It's supposed to feel late in spring/early summer here but it feels more like sprautumn. There are days when I am tempted to put a little heat on. I've been strong though.

  2. I'm with baby John, we've had the fire lighting, and had the heat on recently in the evening. So don't feel so bad, at least it's winter where you are, unlike the sprautumn we're getting.

  3. Delores; I remember last spring, we had a few warm days to tease us, then a cold spell and we put our heaters back on again.

    The Wicked Writer; It's winter, but there's no frost yet, we don't get that until later in the season, so the heater is only on in the late afternoon/early evening until I go to bed.

  4. We're having a cold spring. Right now I have the heat on just like it is a mid-winter day. It's been rainy and that is unusual so the damp is really penetrating my bones. Ha

  5. We are having frosts on this side of Oz, and our heater has been on. Longer and more often than I would have it, but the skinny person feels the cold badly.

  6. I'm a heater whore, first sign of chill and it's on and i'm parked in front of it!

  7. Manzanita; The weather seems to be screwy all over the world. I'm feeling the cold in my bones more than usual.

    Elephant's Child; we haven't had any frosts yet thank goodness.

    Fenstar; I used to do that when I worked full time. Now I prefer to rug up as much as possible for as long as I can before turning the heater on.

  8. So you're saying you DON'T want to come to Minneapolis in January? :-)

    Supposed to be summer here, and I'm disappointed. Cool and wet, day in and day out, for weeks and weeks. I am beginning to suspect that we will not have a summer this year...


  9. Pearl; there's not enough money in the world to get me to Minneapolis in January. You'll probably get a burst of unreasonably hot weather just as summer is ending and you're expecting autumn. I do hope you get some dry and warm days sooner than that.

  10. 22C? We consider that warm . . . verging on hot ;-)

  11. jabblog; 23C to about 30C is my preferred range, if only it could be that way all year round.