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Monday, June 3, 2013

What irritates you Monday

"What irritates you Monday" is a meme thought up by Delores from TheFeathered Nest.

Here, on a Monday, we get a chance to vent our little, or not so little, things that irritate us.
It doesn't have to be something on that particular Monday, it can be anything that irritates you any day of any week. 
Today, my irritation is....

shampoos and conditioners

My favourite shampoo and conditioner doesn't do the job it used to. The shampoo is as good as ever, but the conditioner isn't the thick and creamy liquid it used to be. It is now thin and watery and totally useless. The company now has a new product available in a tub....for very close to $10....and they've called it Intensive Hair Masque. This "new" product is in actual fact all the nourishing richness that was previously in the original conditioner.  
The tub is only 300ml, the same as the tube of conditioner, but twice the cost.

So I tried a different, cheaper, shampoo and conditioner brand. 
Feels good, smells nice, leaves the hair silky and soft.......and a wild and wavy mass of frizz. 
Oh Dear God. 

I'm going to have to tie it down.
On the other hand, it is keeping me warm.


  1. I will NEVER got over the fact that you get to Monday so much sooner than I do.
    I wish they would come up with a shampoo and conditioner that makes your hair thicker.

  2. Oh, is it Monday already where you are. Time sure flies.
    Consider yourself lucky if you have a mass of frizz or curls. Especially when one gets old (really old) a gal looks so much better with softness around her face compared to the straight austere look that pulled back straight hair gives.
    I make my own soap and it is very rich in the best oils. I wash my hair with that too and don't need a conditioner. I used to sell the soap and everyone liked it but I used such expensive oils than I didn't make any profit and now I just have my own stash.

  3. Snap. And I wash my hair every day, and condition it most days so it matters. I do get a bit hissy when they boost the price or (another irritation) pretend that the price is the same, but reduce the size. Which means that you ARE paying more.

  4. Oh my, my hair has basically decided to depart from my skull. Which means , I don't have to worry about shampoo or conditioner. Although I recently bought a bottle of "concentrate". So I stared at the bottle for hours and hours and .....

    A peaceful Monday to you. It's still Monday there, I think.

    Gary :)

  5. HA! Good to see Gary back to his old punny self again.

    I haven't run into a problem with my conditioner changing for the worse, but LOTS of products have reduced their size without reducing their price... and sometimes raising the darn price. Next thing ya know, there will only be eight eggs in a carton.

  6. Haha, I like Gary's comment.
    Must say, I could've done with "bottled concentrate" in my school exams :D

    Long ago, I used to have the same experience with shampoos and conditioners changing formula.
    Although, I've been using a natural s&c for the past eight years and have been very happy - they are the only ones to make my recalcitrant hair behave :)

  7. I am very slack when caring for my person and never use a conditioner but then my hair is quite short and manageable and thick and has a wave. I seldom use face cream (I just forget) so not one to verablise about such things. Gee, I'm dull aren't I?
    I would like to add something that has really irritated me of's all these footballers with tattoos up one or both arms. I think it makes them look grubby and I wonder what they will be feeling about then when they reach 50 or 60. Small tattoos if you feel the need but at least something that looks good.

  8. Delores; there are some that appear to make your hair thicker, but it's illusion of course, if you weren't born with thick hair, you'll never have it. Mine is kind of medium, my younger girl's is thicker, my youngest, a boy has hair like a bearskin pelt, so very thick.

    Manzanita; I am quite glad for my mass of hair, I don't think it will thin at all, my mum and dad both had full heads of hair right to the end. Can you post the recipe for your homemade shampoo? I'm sure lots of us would love to see it and maybe try it.

    Elephant's Child; I've never washed my hair every day, I have dry hair (and skin) and washing it every day results in more frizz than I'm prepared to put up with. Size reduction is happening right across the board, all products.

    klahanie; my second ex is losing his hair too, he has so much more forehead than he used to have and his ponytail is very thin. Ha Ha at the concentrate bottle.

    Susan; Gary is good with the puns isn't he? I always laugh. over here we get cartons of eggs with only 10 in them, particularly the organic range, most others have 12 still, but we also get some with 18. Other products are all reducing their sizes while we pay the same. The world runs on profits rather than fairness.

    Vicki; I don't know that bottled concentrate would help. In a book I'm currently reading, the author made some comment about kids not learning, no matter how much they try, unless the subject is appealing to them, something they're passionate about. She mentioned the way so many kids go right through school just wishing they could be somewhere else.Sounds a lot like my school days and my kids too, although they did well, getting As and Bs, all of them were bored and left before finishing high school. They all got jobs and haven't looked back.
    I've tried natural S&Cs from health stores and the supermarket, they leave my hair feeling like straw.

    Mimsie; my hair is just reaching my shoulders and I use conditioner with each wash, otherwise it looks like I got dragged backwards through a bush. Because I have dry skin, I use face cream too, but not a lot and no make up.
    I can't comment on the tattoos, three of my four kids have them.

  9. warm is good...I hate it when companies do this, it's just another money grubbing tactic...

  10. The Wicked Writer; it's all about profits for the companies and shareholders. I personally think shareholders are the biggest problem, thousands of people owning a tiny bit of a company and they all want their share of the profits, so of course the company has to make more and more profits. It's a vicious cycle of greed.