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Saturday, June 22, 2013 for

Following along again with Thttp://chickchat-toni.blogspot.comoni's A-Z " for" meme, this week's letter is Z.

Yay! The end of the alphabet at last!
Which leaves me with nothing to write about next Saturday......

anyway...Z for........

zebra stripes.

On zebras they look wonderful and if you look closely enough you will notice that the patterns are unique to each animal, no two zebras look alike.

there are zebra crossings, a safe area for pedestrians to cross a road,

some of them have "real" zebra stripes rather than the straight stripes more commonly seen.

Zebra stripes are used on many other items too...




You can even have...

a zebra themed bedroom if you wish.

(I wouldn't, I prefer animal stripes on animals, not fabrics.)

Let's not forget the most famous zebra crossing of all....

Abbey Road.


  1. I would get a dizzy with so many stripes in my bedroom, they look good on the animals and road crossing.

  2. I've never before seen zebra stripes used in so many different ways...fascinating. They say the stripes on the animals themselves are like our fingerprints...every one unique to that animal.
    Thanks for your "Z" post and reminding us of the Beatles. They were unique too weren't they?

  3. That bedroom would give me the horrors every time I woke up. I do like the luggage though, I'd be able to find that in any airport.

  4. No to that bedroom - yes to all the other zebra stripes. In Argentina pedestrian crossings were also marked with zebra stripes. And I nearly got flattened several times because they were also attached to lights. Which I often didn't remember and gaily stepped out...

  5. Merlesworld; I wouldn't like to wake up in such a bedroom, I probably couldn't fall asleep in one either.

    Mimsie; the Beatles certainly were unique. I remember seeing zebra stripes on lots of different clothing a few years back, now it's leopard print. Leave it on the leopard I say.

    JahTeh; funny you should mention the luggage. I'll email you.

    Elephant's Child; here in Adelaide most zebra crossings have lights too. I always look just in case. I don't fancy being scooped up with a teaspoon after getting flattened.

  6. You made it to the end...congratulations. That was quite the bedroom. I don't think I would get much sleep in there.

  7. ... too many stripes for me...... like zebras ....but not in the bedroom... xxx
    Hugs ....... Barb xx

  8. Our zebra crossings are boringly normal. I'd love to see a zebra-patterned zebra crossing.

  9. I love stripes! So crisp. So perfect! I always wanted a zebra for a pet. Maybe some day . . .

  10. River
    And a beautiful finish. Zebra stripes is a great Z. I like those boots but doubt if I could stand up in them. Ha
    Wonderful week end to you.

  11. Delores; I don't think I'll be trying another A-Z anytime soon. I couldn't sleep in that either.

    Barbara Neubeck; I prefer stripes on zebras too, not in the bedroom.

    jabblog; petition your local council, maybe they'll change their stripes.

    Diane Tolley; I wouldn't want one as a pet unless I owned half a prairie for him to run around on.

    Manzanita; I quite like the jacket and the luggage is okay too, but not the boots.