Coincidence? or is someone in marketing reading my blog?

Remember this from last Monday?  September 2nd.

At 7:05pm, Sunday 8th September,
I've just seen an advertisement on TV asking people to please buy girl guide cookies.

Or someone somewhere in marketing reading my blog?

The ad listed a website, so maybe they're selling online now, not having little girls go door to door or setting up stalls in shopping centres.


  1. My little niece looks like that.

    Hi groovers, just got back from Cairns in time to vote. Billionaire comedian Clive Palmer seemed okay, but I went with my heart and voted Family First.

    And....Seems there'll be no thame thex marriageth.

    Oh well.

    Love to all.

    PS: We tried to pick up two women on the wharf. They laughed at the attempt. Good heavens. Well that's better than a night in the cells.

  2. That's interesting. I've not seen the ad but then I seldom do see ads on TV.
    Are you as glad as I am that the election is over? I'm happy with the outcome although many aren't. They've had 6 years and now it's our turn for at least 3.

  3. You just never know who's visiting your blog . . . bit worrying sometimes!

  4. Oh I can't stand these undeclared sponsored posts. Please admit the Girl Guides are paying you thousands of dollars for this clever advertising campaign ;)

  5. I've never liked the idea of sending little kids door to door to raise's not safe.

  6. I simply do not like this ad. I suppose the genre is popular.

    Most girl scout cookies seem to be sold outside or just inside stores; three or four little girls, and a parent nearby.

  7. I don't know about over there but here the Girl Scouts are not apolitical, and I sure wouldn't let my daughter join, and darnit, but I won't buy their cookies and support them, either.

  8. I am pretty certain they were reading your blog. And could at least show the decency to a)leave you a comment and b)send a bit of commission your way. These marketing gurus have no manners.

  9. R.H. I'd be keeping an eye on her.
    still trying to pick up women? Tsk Tsk

    Mimsie; I've only seen one ad, the girl guide is at home convincing her mum to buy just one more packet then there is a website link which I didn't bother writing down.

    jabblog; that's why photos of my family will never appear here.

    Jackie K; thousands of dollars?? Wouldn't that be nice. But no, it's not happening. I don't do sponsored posts.

    Delores; I'm not happy about it either, it's probably okay if the parents are with them.

    Joanne; this picture is not used as their ad, this is just one I found somewhere online. The TV ad is just an ordinary little girl selling cookies to her mum in their kitchen.

    Happy Elf Mom; I don't know what the girl guides are like over here, I'm pretty sure there's no politics involved.

    Elephant's Child; you're right, they could at least leave a comment.


  10. What do you think I am? Of course I'll try to pick up women! I'll stop when I'm dead.


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