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Monday, September 2, 2013

evil little girls

My newest internet friend, Jackie K, writes over at Working Through It

Last week her article was about horror movies and why do they seem so much more awful when a little girl is the evil-creepy-dead-undead main character?

I don't watch a lot of horror movies, but I have seen three of the ones she listed and didn't find them all that bad, probably because I'd read the books first, so knew the story.

Anyway, here's a googled picture of an evil little girl I have somewhere in my files.

now, that's evil-just buy the cookies dammit!

Replacing your home....$200,000+


  1. I'll buy the cookies for sure.

  2. I reckon I can spare two dollars.

    Do the Girl Scouts sell Brownies first?

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    Gary :)

  3. And next time you will buy her complete supply.
    This is brilliant. Thanks River (and thank you to Jackie K for the inspiration).

  4. As a huge fan of ghost/horror movies and books, I have to say... children are creepy :)
    Especially when you can't see them, but can hear their voices. Chills.

  5. Delores; me too, although out here the girls don't go door to door anymore. I haven't even seen any for several years, they used to set up stalls in shopping centres for a while.

    Gary; spare $2 to save your house? absolutely yes. I don't think Girl scouts sell brownies. Maybe they should, they'd be more popular than the cookies.

    Elephant's Child; the whole supply? that would depend on how many boxes she has left. A dozen, yes. A carload, probably not.

    Vicki; I'm not a huge fan, but I'll watch them if they're on TV and nothing better presents itself. This is the sort of thing I prefer in book form.

  6. I do not read horror books or watch horror movies. I think there is enough horror around the world these days in real life so if I want entertaining I either want to laugh or have a feeling of goodness. I am not a movie fan so only watch really good films if I can find them.
    I often think there is evil in all of us but to make stories where that evil comes to the fore is too much for me. I guess I'm just getting so old that I have the need for happiness and not horror.
    I admit to reading Jack Reacher novels but I look on him as a sort of Robin Hood.
    I don't think I've seen girl guides selling anything of late anywhere.
    I know this sounds terribly serious and I'm sorry as I am sure you meant it as just a lot of fun.

  7. Mimsie; I haven't read a horror book in quite some time, there's enough horror on the news these days. Which is why I often don't watch it. I like movies and shows, books too, where I can laugh often enough to make my sides hurt. I don't know about evil in all of us, certainly the potential for evil is there. Jack Reacher as Robin Hood...that's good, I wish I'd thought of it. I think most of us prefer to watch happier things as we get older, horror seems to be something we outgrow.

  8. Hi River,

    She certainly looks scary - I think butter WOULD melt.




  9. Andrew; beware small girls selling cookies.

    Plasman; she probably set the fire just by looking at the house.

  10. That little girl looks like she would do horrible evil things.

  11. Merlesworld; some kids just have that look don't they, she's probably a little angel really.

    Jackie K; I found it years ago and made a bookmark for my daughter.

  12. Little girls cant be evil?..can they River.
    I had three daughters and now 12 living Grandchildren, five of them girls so Ive seen my fair share of what little girls can get up to.

  13. Kymbo; my own little girls weren't at all evil, but they did like horror and evil movies even at a young age, and they influenced the grand daughters quite a bit. I remember the first grand daughter aged about four, getting ready for a bus ride and saying, "what if the bus crashes?" My younger daughter, (her aunt) said "don't worry it won't". Grand daughter said "but if it does and we die, can we come back and haunt people?" And she seemed quite excited by the idea.