these are nice.

I'm completely ignoring the nutrition panel on these, they're a sugary sweet treat, not a regular food.

A little more useless information.....a lightly toasted hot dog bun is nice, especially when loaded with the hotdog, tomato sauce and/or mustard.

A blackened, burnt hot dog bun is not so nice. Although scraped to remove as much burn as possible and loaded with the hotdog, sauce and mustard, it wasn't too bad, still edible.


  1. Ideed, bread stuffs are only good when they are on the VERGE of burn.

  2. Fortunately (I have more than enough temptation already) neither the jam donuts or the hot dog tempts me. Lightly toasted sourdough and olive bread, with cheese is another matter.

  3. I'm very fond of donuts in any form......

  4. Donuts come in a box? Here they are usually not prepackaged like that. You have to go pick the ones you want. Most grocery stores have a "bakery" inside so they make cakes and stuff every day.

  5. Mini raspberry jam donuts--even better than big versions. The jam would not run down my chin. What do you mean they are not regular food?

  6. Don't eat the whole box in one go!

  7. Delores; I prefer my bread stuffs a little less than dark brown. A nice medium tan seems about right.

    Elephant's Child; lightly toasted sourdough and olive bread dipped in virgin olive oil, mmm, yum

    Merlesworld; me too, a little too fond...

    fishducky; and these are such tiny little treats!

    Happy Elf Mom; these are from the freezer section of the supermarket. We also have donuts available from the bakery section, some loose, some packaged, but not a huge selection as Adelaide also has other donut outlets such as Gourmet Glaze, (my favourite), Donut King, which has recently closed, and coming soon we will have Krispy Kreme too.

    Joanne; I like these better than the big ones, I can pop a whole one in my mouth so there is no danger of sugar cheeks or dripping jam.

    mm; I was actually quite restrained and ate only four of these at a time, so the box lasted me four days. Of course on day four there were only two...

  8. I am off wheat for the moment, and maybe for good. It certainly has made for a messy cheeseburger.

  9. Murr; that's a shame, but if it is necessary then that's what you do. Is there a substitute bread type you can have? Do you eat your cheeseburger with a knife and fork now?

  10. You're appealing to my sweet tooth - I must not give in, I must not give in . . . oh, all right then.

  11. Get the behind me satan!!! You know we can't eat those threats but they are ever so tempting. Can't remember the last time I had a doughnut. Chocolate eclair? Now, that's a different matter. : )

  12. Where can I find these treasures with raspberry jam?? Please don't tell me they are in Australia only!!

  13. jabblog; hahaha gotcha!

    Mimsie; it's probably a good thing you can't just hop off to the shops any old time you want to.

    Susan Kane; They're in the fr4eezer section of our Coles supermarkets. So probably in Australia only. You'll have to come visit.


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