I was blog surfing....

and read this>>>

"no one enters my house without a meal being offered."

That's very generous of her.

Me?  I barely offer coffee.

And if they accept, they have to make their own.

I'm not totally ungracious, I'll get out the cups, the coffee, (instant only in my home), even put the kettle on, but they make their own coffee once that kettle boils.

So they get it the way they like it.

They can't complain about too much sugar or not enough milk if they've made it themselves.
Too weak? Not my fault. Too strong? You made it....

Also my other reason, this is not a cafe and I'm no waitress.

BYO cake.
I had some, but I ate it.....


  1. If it's nice weather I meet unexpected arrivals on the porch where we remain until they get tired and or hungry and leave lol.

  2. Thats funny, I never thought of telling them to make their own.
    Family and special friends always get fed when they turn up unexpected or not but in the past I have been used as a free food spot by casuals who turn up a meal time unannounced I don't encourage that, and find it annoying.

  3. Haha! You're funny!
    And, I like the way you're thinking - makes perfect sense once you go into it.

    I've had sooooo many BAD coffees made for me by people who, I assume, have no concept of what good coffee (to me) tastes like.
    And, I've scalded the tip of my tongue by nuclear reactor hot drinks more times than I can remember.

    You're still being a good host by providing the goods, and giving people the chance to enjoy their coffee as they sit with you.

    So yes, I see your point and I totally agree :)

  4. BYO cake.
    I had some, but I ate it.....

    They would know to do this at my house.

    The coffee's always on.

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  6. I have lots of food in the house, so very gladly spread the calories around. I will always serve and put things away as I don't want the guests to break any china. In the last decade, I have only chipped 1 dinner plate and 1 pasta bowl. I love my china, I felt the pain each time and can't imagine what will happen if some one else chipped the china. I know I am a freak. ;-)

  7. I love it....we have few visitors and on the inside door of the wall cupboard there is a list of just how family members like their tea or coffee so no mistakes are made. MOH is the tea/coffee maker in our house, has been for years, so I have no problems with any of it.
    I don't offer meals any more but they could always bring meals which would be most welcome.

  8. Delores; that's a great idea! If only my porch was big enough...I almost never get visitors anyway, mostly family.

    Merelsworld; my visitors only get fed if I've invited them for lunch or dinner. Years ago I was visited every morning by three small girls who lived next door, just as I was feeding the baby her breakfast. They'd hint rather broadly that they were hungry or that they really like whatever it was I was feeding T, every time, I told them to go home and have their mum make breakfast. "but she's still in bed". Hmpf! Not my problem.

    Vicki; it does make perfect sense. Those who know me well enough will ask for a biscuit if they really want a little something to nibble on. Usually I don't have any...

    Joanne; I like visitors who BYO cake, some of mine actually do.

    mm; I think your post was where I got my inspiration for this one. I love my china too, it's a bunch of mismatched items that I've bought here and there along with some plates one of my girls gave me for christmas one year. Nothing matches, but I love it all. I do my own washing up for the same reason you do, I only ever lost a few treasured things when hubby #2 did the washing up.

    Mimsie; Keeping a chart is a good idea, I have one in my recipe book so I remember who likes my christmas mince pies and who doesn't, who likes the sausage hotpot and who doesn't etc. I've pretty much given up inviting people for meals, most of the time they (family members) take me out somewhere for lunch instead.

  9. Not in my house, I have to get the coffee and tea because I'm the only one innoculated against whatever is currently growing in my kitchen. I swear the floor could be used for a PhD in household bacteria.
    No cake, only shredded wheatmeal biscuits, it's impossible to overdose on those.

  10. I much prefer people to make their own tea and coffee - for exactly your reasons.

  11. JahTeh; I bet I could survive your kitchen, I'm tough with a good immune system. So I'd have to BYO cake?

    Elephant's Child; it's the best way really.

  12. I like good coffee and was spending way too much on bought coffee so I bought an Espresso machine but found it was now costing me much more because I was buying and making all the coffee's for everyone else... I'm a slow learner me!

  13. I have International Roast instant in my home, I've heard it referred to as "the sweepings off the factory floor", but it's what I like. I keep a small jar of Nescafe for visitors who want something else and have herbals teas too. I like the idea of a machine so I could have cappuccinos and hot chocolates, but I simply don't have the money or the space for one.

  14. Yours is a refreshing attitude - no-nonsense. Me? I tiptoe around trying to please everyone.

  15. Forgot to mention that my other half has not washed a single piece of cutlery or crockery since we got married 13 years ago. Last weekend, he said to me,"There is no more clean bowl." I said,"Wash one from the sink then." He looked at me, and proceeded to eat his cereal from a takeaway plastic box. I created a monster.

  16. Oh, you are too funny! But I see your point. I'm all about feeding people and waiting on them hand and foot, but if we had frequent drop-ins who were taking advantage of the situation, I reckon I'd take a page from your book.

    So okay, now I know. If we ever drop in on you, I'll be sure to bring a cake.

  17. jabblog; I gave up trying to please everyone a long, long time ago. Especially my first mother in law.

    mm; my first husband came from alarge family so was used to doing his share, and I taught the kids too. I have photos of them washing up! You have indeed created a monster. Retraining is required.

    Susan; cake is only necessary if you want to eat, but thanks anyway, make it a chocolate cake. I only wait hand and foot on people who are too ill to get out of bed. anyone who is able to get to the bathroom or kitchen on their own is also able to make their own cup of tea.

  18. Sounds quite reasonable to me! Since I lived in Greece for awhile in my twenties and then having married a Greek some of their hospitality stuff rubbed off on me, so that I always (well ok usually) bring something if I visit someone and I always put out food on the table when people come here. Not a meal or anything, but dips/chips/sweets/nuts and fruit, etc.
    I do love that level of friendship where you or the other person makes themselves at home and gets their own or helps and it's just natural.


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