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Monday, September 23, 2013

Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

We've been having some fabulous weather here for about a week now, warm sunshine, cool breezes, blue skies with puffs and streaks of clouds.

So of course I've been out and about instead of loitering by the screen here.

It's very tiring standing around at bus stops just to get somewhere, but when that somewhere is a nursery and I'm buying seedlings, it's worth it.
I got home from the expedition, watered the seedlings in their little tray, then fell asleep on the couch.

I've just finished planting them out....

see those little mounds of green?

Here's a closer look...

nice and leafy.

A couple of them already have tiny flower buds...

that blurry green bit near the top left of the plant is a flower head forming.
It swayed in the breeze just as I had it in focus.

and what did I plant?

one dozen of these, Erigerons, spaced out along the edge of the path.

Tiny little seaside daises. These do very well in Adelaide, I see them everywhere, they'll spread about 30 cm each plant and probably 20-30cm high. The bushes have pink and white daisies at the same time, I don't remember if they start pink and mature to white or the other way around.

Not that it matters, the bushes are beautiful.
I also asked at the nursery when they get their bulbs in so I can plan to shop then, the lovely assistant said Easter is a good time to plan for, so I've marked my diary.

Later this week, I'll be going to the library for a book on bulbs to find out what does well here in Adelaide.  Probably everything, but I want to plant something other than daffodils.


  1. I have a two year old puppy (Max) who eats and kills everything still, so I cant put any new plants out the back. My front yard already has way too many plants so I'm kinda stuck..

  2. Love seaside daisies. They will look lovely.

  3. Very pretty. It's such a pleasure to see plants develop. I imagine they attract bees?

  4. Kymbo; my puppies have all been named Max too, we had Mad Max 1st, Mad Max 2nd, Mad Max 3rd. Max 1 was so easy to train and wouldn't eat anything I didn't hand to him. Max 2 ate sheets off the line, but only once, Max 3 tried to eat me, had to have him put down.
    Hope your Max stops eating things soon.

    Elephant's Child; I decided I couldn't wait until next year for bulb planting, these were a faster option with the bonus of looking great and lasting a long time.

    jabblog; I hope they will attract bees, I'll be needing the bees to pollinate the dwarf apple trees I'm planning to have in large pots.

  5. Ah, the effect of warm breezes on our minds. We began putting our garden to bed this weekend. The effect of cold breezes.

  6. We have wild bunnies who sit in the yard and eat the flowers. But I do love daisies.

  7. Joanne; warm breezes certainly blow away the winter cobwebs. I haven't thought much about gardening since I got here, having no yard that is specifically mine, but I've seen other tenants working in the patches closest to them and decided to do the same.

    Linda O'Connell; Can you fence them out somehow? Because using them for target practice is a little cruel.

    Kelley@magneto bold too; these are small bushes with masses of tiny one inch daisies, they're going to look beautiful once they all grow and spread to meet like a little hedge.

  8. These look lovely. I really, really want to tidy our garden beds and put flowering ground cover all over them, but they are so overgrown with weeds I barely know how to start!

  9. Oh I LOVE Erigeron!
    It's tough (read, hard to kill), so pretty and easily grows from tiny root cuttings.
    It ramps away everywhere, but is forgiven for its lovely characteristics.
    Also, easily pulled out if it encroaches where it's not wanted.

    And, it was one of Edna Walling's favoured plants for the same reasons :)

  10. Jackie K; cover them with newspaper layers and water it well so it doesn't blow away. Add something to hold it down and leave it to die. Then rake away the dead weeds, dig in some compost and start planting. Or just start pulling weeds at a spot nearest the house, a small patch about a metre, get it planted, then start the next patch right next to it.

    Vicki; isn't it beautiful when fully blooming and waving in the breezes! I'm hoping this will spread to form a low hedge right along the path and back towards the rose bushes.

  11. Those daisies are beautiful and I've taken a note of the name. I am sure if they thrive in Adelaide they should do OK in Perth as well. I do have a very tiny daisy that has spread about 3 feet wide but it is white and I have no idea what's it's called. Had it for years now.