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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

op shop treasures, the small, footed, glass dish with white vine leaves and flowers around the rim.

Quite possibly my longest ever title....

Sometime ago, I mentioned small glass dishes that my mum had collected and we used them for sweets, which I now call dessert.
Because I'm posh don'tcha know. Ha Ha.

I don't think it was a post I did, more likely I mentioned them in someone else's comment box.

So one day, not so long ago, I was scrounging around in an op shop and I found one!!

A small, footed, glass dish, with white vine leaves and flowers around the rim, that used to hold peanut paste back in the 50s and 60s, before we started calling it peanut butter. 

6cm high, 9cm across, with the foot being 5 1/2cm across. Quite sturdy, not at all flimsy.

They had a flat, white, metal lid that you levered off with the edge of a knife, no screw tops like now.
My mum had a collection of about a dozen and we had peaches and ice cream in them, or chocolate pudding, or stewed fruit and custard.  Mmmm, sweet memories.

My sister, J,  LOVED peanut paste, probably still does, and would eat the stuff by the spoonful.
A whole jar if no one caught her.

So there I was, in the op shop, with one small, footed, glass dish with white vine leaves and flowers around the rim, in my hand and searching the shelves for another one.
I decided if I had two, I could give one to J, for old times sake.
The assistant even looked in the back of the shop to see if they had any more.

But there was only the one, so I bought it and immediately crossed the road to where there were two more op shops and searched their shelves.
Nothing. Nada. Zip. Zilch.
Well, of course there was stuff on the shelves, just not another small, footed, glass dish with white vine leaves and flowers around the rim. 

Since then, I've searched a couple of op shops in further away suburbs, but haven't found a dish to give to J.

I've decided to give her mine.
She loves chocolate, so I'll fill it with M&Ms, wrap it in red cellophane, because she loves red too, and I'll take it to her.

For old times sake.


  1. What a generous thing to do. And I remember those glass dishes. I wonder what happened to our set?

  2. Lovely post River. What a beautiful thing to do for your sister.
    I'm sure she'll be delighted, and the reminiscences will be fun :)

  3. After dinner sweets how I miss them, I sure my mum had dishes like those.

  4. Very generous of you to give up your treasure.

  5. It's gorgeous. You know when we were kids they had decorative jars for jelly. No one sells things with more than one use anymore, really, and it's a shame!

  6. That's what I get from op shops too - I have four little cut glass sweet dishes of different designs that we use for nibblies or desserts. And I've got a few bowls and serving dishes that were cheap and are pretty and very useful too.

  7. Elephant's Child; did yours come with peanut paste in them? We had drinking glasses too that used to hold jam. Mum collected a dozen of those, then went back to buying jam in the seven pound tins from IXL.

    Vicki; I'm sure she'll love it, especially with the M&Ms.

    Merlesworld; we had after dinner sweets every day, when my kids were little I made it a Sunday treat. You probably had dishes like these if your mum bought peanut paste.

    Delores; I really don't need it, I have my mum's cut crystal bowls and several other small dishes. I'm trying to not start collecting things again.

    Happy Elf Mom; out here jelly is jam, what we call jelly is what you call jello. We had a set of drinking glasses that used to hold jam.

    Jackie K; op shops are great for things like that and for odd plates with designs not seen anymore. I have one that I use to serve cake, it's a dinner plate and features a teapot, cup of tea and some fruit. I got it for 50 cents.

  8. Wow, that took me back. Mum had a set of these and used them for individual trifles. They lasted for years but we used to get honey in them and I remember the tin lids.

  9. Creamed honey, that's what it was. I was wondering how we got the lids off without honey splattering everywhere.

  10. Nice heart-warming post River. Ta!

  11. What a lovely sister you are. I take it 'op shops' are what we call second-hand shops. Op shops sounds nicer, though.

  12. JahTeh; I remember the creamed honey too, I'd forgotten it came in the same dishes. my last memory of creamed honey was a plastic tub. my sister ate that stuff with a spoon too.

    mm; you're welcome.

    jabblog; thanks. yes, op shops are secondhand shops, we call some of them second-hand shops too, the op shops are usually the church run ones. These days most of them are known instead by their names, like The Salvos (Salvation Army), Vinnies (St Vincent de Paul) and so on. Op shops is more of a blanket term that covers all types.

  13. I remember them, although I didn't know they had peanut butter in them. For freebie, they are very nice.

  14. I'm not posh and still call sweets "sweets" although we don't have them these days.
    I don't remember peanut paste in those pretty pots when I was young but then Mum didn't buy peanut paste. She was English and quite conservative with her cooking etc. We had jam of course but always in tins.
    My son, when he was quite young, bought me a little drinking glass with a gold rim and blue flowers and leaves around the rim similar to the jar you have.
    I sincerely hope you one day manage to find another jar so you and your sister will have one each.

  15. Andrew; they also had creamed honey which I had forgotten about.

    Mimsie; I say dessert now because I know a few English people who think I mean lollies when I say sweets. I don't think I'll find another dish, but I'll certainly keep looking. This was a serendipity find, I hadn't meant to go into the op shop at all.

  16. I can't help wondering just what made you go into that particular op shop? I am so glad you did and found that pretty little dish.
    MOH is a pom and I think he says 'sweets' or perhaps 'pudding'. I'll have to ask him. We don't have any these days so can't be sure.

  17. Mimsie; I was meeting my brother and his car was parked right outside the shop, I went in as he hadn't arrived back yet. Your OH probably says pudding, that's what some of my other English friends say.