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Monday, September 30, 2013

the babies went into the oven first, while the mama patiently waited for her turn

Now that I have your attention, I'll confess that I'm baking baby cakes, not baby humans.

want to see how it went?

okay then...I visited my daughter K and noticed a few bananas getting a bit over ripe on her table. I suggested she make banana cake. She said she was planning a different sort of cake (triple berry upside down cake), and suggested I take the bananas home.
Good idea.
No, great idea!

So here's how the day went:

First, prepare your pans.

see those three smaller pans? They're mini loaf pans, 10cm long by 5cm wide.

Then assemble your ingredients...

 on the left, half a cup of self-raising flour mixed with one cup of plain flour.

 in the middle, three quarters of a cup of raw sugar creamed with 4 ounces of butter.

 on the right, one quarter cup of plain yoghurt mixed with two mashed bananas.

 in front, one egg.

Set your oven at 190*C. Mine is fan forced, so I set it at 180*C

Add the egg to the creamed butter/sugar, and mix well.
alternately mix in the flours and the yoghurt/banana mix, stir just enough to combine. 

Spoon mixture into prepared pans

  and bake until golden brown and a skewer comes out clean.
Normally I just do one loaf pan and it takes around a half an hour or so.

But I had the new small loaf pans to try out,

so the babies went into the oven first,

then the bigger pan.

here are the golden brown baby cakes

10cm long

5cm wide and only about 2cm high, so I could have put more mixture in each mini loaf pan.
They're a nice snack size like this and I wrapped each one individually and froze them for a later date.

Here are all four cakes. The biggest one is also not very high, since almost half the mix went into the mini loaf pans.
I sliced the big one and had a slice for afternoon tea and froze the rest.

This is a cake that freezes really well and thaws reasonably quickly. It keeps for a couple of months.
Maybe it would keep longer without freezer burn, but I've usually eaten it within the couple of months, so I'll never know.


  1. They do look good - and are the only things to do with bananas when they start to go brown.

  2. Elephant's Child; no, they can also be sliced into yoghurt for breakfast which is what I did with the remaining banana. The cake only used two. Of course there is a point-of-no-return where they can't even be used in cake, but generally when the skin has brown spots is when the banana is fully ripe and most easily digested. At that point it's one of the best baby foods available. Mashed finely on its own or stirred into a little yoghurt.

  3. That is not a water bath they are sitting in?

  4. I should have said that it is the only thing I can do with them when they go brown. I only eat bananas when they are firm. And I happily make banana cake when they go soft - but I don't eat it.

  5. Andrew; no just a dry tray to make it easier to take out the hot loaf pans once they are baked, also a little extra protection to prevent burning because they are small.

    Elephant's Child; lots of people prefer them firm, I eat them that way too, but not while the skins have any green on them. I think many people have got used to eating unripe fruit because that's how it comes to the shops and they haven't learned to leave it a few days to ripen more. You don't eat banana cake???

  6. My nephew can smell banana bread a county away and show up in the drive within ten minutes.
    The brown bananas seem to go into smoothies around here; he hasn't smelled banana brad for a long time.

  7. Would you please mail me a slice or two?

  8. Joanne; I thought I heard someone sniffing around my door. I haven't had a smoothie since last summer.

    fishducky; it'll be stale after going through the mail, better to come and visit for a fresh slice.

  9. They look so delicious... love banana anything!

  10. Gabrielle; they're very nice, not too sweet because I use less sugar than the recipe says too, and the banana flavour comes through nicely, because I leave the mash quite chunky.

  11. If my banana bread looked that delicious, I don't believe those loaves would make to the freezer! They would go to my gr-kids, my m-in-law, and maybe the big loaf would stay in my house for a very short time.

  12. Susan Kane; usually my banana bread doesn't make it to the freezer either, but I've been eating a lot of cake recently and really didn't feel like more. Try my recipe.

  13. They look lovely, must pass the recipe onto T, and get her to bake it, as anything I bake turns into seriously lol