Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

this car gave me the creeps

A few days ago, my friend Susan, who writes at I think, Therefore I Yam, posted about a visit to a car show.

Her first image was this car....

and she asked us "dontcha just love this car?"

Well, I didn't and told her so, you know, because I'm honest and stuff.

Anyway, karma bit me and the car popped up in my dreams later that night.

But it wasn't a car anymore.

In my dream it was an automatic lawn mower that tootled about cutting all the grass, then mowing down the flower beds before heading for the veggie patch.
You see, it had been programmed to cut down everything over three inches tall......and clearly couldn't tell the difference between the grass and everything else.
That's creepy!


  1. Are you sure it's not my brother-in-law!

  2. What a horrible, horrible dream. At least the car had been programmed - and hadn't developed a malevolent personality of its own...

  3. Joanne; reinCARnated perhaps?

    Elephant's Child; horrible only because it mowed down the flowers and veg, apart from that it was more the creepy face on the machine.

  4. Watch out for might be coming your way...

  5. Creepy cars called Christine :)

  6. It would certainly creep me out!!

  7. ..nasty dream..I hope the feelings from the dream don't hang around......I hate dream hangovers..
    I don't like the 'face' on the car either...
    have a nice/good day..
    Barb xx

  8. It does have a sort of 'hungry' look to it.

  9. It looks like something out of a Stephen King novel. Remember that old Australian film "The cars that ate Paris", this would be the upper crust car from the movie.

  10. Kymbo; I've got my eyes peeled.

    Vicki; aaaaahhhh!! runs away screaming...

    fishducky; it certainly creeped me a little.

    Barbara; I never get dream hangovers, sometimes I remember the dreams, but mostly I forget them as soon as I wake up.

    Delores; it wants to eat my flower beds.

    JahTeh; I've never seen The Cars That Ate Paris, but I've read Stephen King's Christine. Scared me enough that I never read it again.

  11. That car looks like it could do anything if I come across it I will go the other way.

  12. This post has the trappings of a horror story. Don't you just hate it when you get more excitement in your dreams than real life?

  13. Oooh!! Scary!! It may only be chopping things down in the garden now but you always have to think of Hal in 2001 A Space Odyssey and what happened with him. I'd put that car out of your dreams right now before it gets the better of you.

  14. I promised to tell you about Dick Francis. He was an English jockey and writes mysteries, sometimes involving murder but not always. Horse racing is often a theme of his books but you also learn lots about other things. His wife used to do a lot of research for him so if he included a certain subject in his story you could be certain it was correct. Up to 2000 he had written 41 international best-sellers. He has received numerous rewards for his crime genre books. In 1996 he was made Mystery Writers of America Grand Master for his lifetime's achievements and he received a CBE from the Queen. I am re-reading his books for the third time and am in the process of disposing of them. I would gladly mail you a couple of his paper backs if I could have your address and you could decide if you enjoy his stories or not. I could give you my address or email perhaps if there is some way I can do it privately. Anyway think about it and let me know what you think. If you find a Perth telephone directory we are in the white pages. Just a thought.

  15. Merlesworld; the car actually looks quite small, which is probably why it became a lawnmower in the dream. If I saw it heading my way, I'd probably stomp on it.

    Linda O'Connell; like Stephen King's Christine. Now THAT was a horror car!
    I can live without excitement.

    Mimsie; I haven't seen A Space Odyssey. The car dream is well and truly gone.
    I've just checked my kindle list and don't have any of Dick Francis's books on there. I would be happy to have a couple of his books from you, my email is in my profile, message me and I will reply with my address.

  16. HA! I reeeeeally didn't mean to traumatize you, River! Sorry 'bout that.

  17. Damn thing looks like a catfish to me!!


  18. I'm what's known as a rev head and a big fan of small (cute) cars, especially the sporty. I like this one. (The headlights appear to be adjustable, which is maybe not a good idea.)

  19. Joanne; I certainly hope that's NOT your brother-in-law!

    Susan; not traumatised, just a little urk! and ugh!, then the dream which was a little disturbing, but only until I woke up. Then it was more funny.

    Pearl; now that you mention it...

    R.H. I like some small cute cars, but to me this one is not cute.

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