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Friday, September 27, 2013

Wednesday's Words on a Friday

On Wednesday’s, Delores, from Under The Porch Light, has a meme which she calls
“Words for Wednesday”.

She puts up a selection of six words which we then use in a short story, or a poem.
I'm hopeless at poetry, so I do a story.

It’s a fun challenge…why not join in?

This week's words are:

1. spasm
2. uneventful
3. trek
4. early
5. limestone
6. felt

Here is my short story:

After an uneventful night, Nicole woke to the smell of coffee wafting down the hall from the kitchen. Dave was getting breakfast. 

As she got out of bed, Nicole felt the spasms of early labor beginning.  She'd had Braxton Hicks for a few weeks now, but this felt different and she knew it was the real thing this time. 

Today would be the day she and Dave made the trek to the beautiful old limestone hospital at the end of the street. 

Baby Zak was on his way and Nicole was more than ready to finally meet him in person.

This week, Delores has once again favoured us with two selections of words, so here we go again:

1. bland
2. curious
3. reeks
4. indefinite
5. morning
6. fulminate

Here is my short story:

Kevin sat calmly in the chair, keeping his expression as bland as possible. He wasn't curious as to why he was here, he knew exactly what was going on.  
 "This whole mistaken identity thing reeks of Bob", he thought. "Another of his weak plots to keep me out of class". 
Mr Franks had informed him this morning that he had been spotted leaving the school grounds without permission and he was to sit and wait outside the Principal's office. 
Principal Johns appeared to have an indefinite schedule, seeming to come and go as he pleased, and he was well known for keeping his "victims" fulminating for as much as an hour.  
 Kevin wasn't worried, he had witnesses to vouch for his presence in the school library from 2pm right up to 3.30pm yesterday.   
"Bob just can't seem to stand the fact that I pass every test with ease, while he has to swot and study every single day. There's nothing I can do about it, the work just comes easily to me."


  1. Two good ones this week.....great job.

  2. These are excellent. And I suspect you are underrating your poetry as well.

  3. Wow, Bob is a rather nasty and vindictive boy, isn't he :) These were fun to read.

  4. Naughty, naughty Bob, let's hope the principal gives him 10 of the cane!

  5. Delores; thank you.

    Elephant's Child; thanks. I've never written poetry and I couldn't make sense of a lot of the poetry we read in school. Easy stuff like "A Bush Christening" made sense, it was a story in rhyme, but the deeper, more meaningful poems leave me completely befuddled.

    Sue; Bob is extremely jealous and doesn't know how to handle not being the best. His future looks rather grim.

    Jayne; I set this in a high school around year 11, so he's probably a bit old for the cane. What Bob needs is someone to recognise his problem and get him some help via counsellor or psychologist.

  6. Two great stories and so different. A new baby....that is lovely. Obviously one child being nasty to another which happens far too much these days.
    I am very much like EC re poetry. If it tells a straight forward story (i.e. A Bush Christening etc) I'm OK with it but I get completely lost with some poetry, particularly the more modern poems.

  7. Mimsie; to me, modern poems are just senseless. My trouble in school was the old "classics" as my teacher used to call them. the long-winded, long-worded, three pages long stuff that we were supposed to memorise then write an essay saying what the poet meant, or what we thought he meant. Since I never understood the poems in the first place, an essay was quite out of the question and I was happy enough to get a fail those days.

  8. Two good stories - well done.

    I'm with you on obscure poetry - the best poems are the ones most readily understood.

  9. Wow, a two-fer this week! Two very different ones, but both very good.

    And I'll betcha you could do a super job with a poem if you wanted to. Just use the same talent for word usage you show in your prose, and translate it into something with a different format and pleasant rhythm. Like writing a song.

  10. jabblog; the ones that tell a short story with rhyme, they're great.

    Susan; two for the price of one, we're into bargain territory. I'll leave the poetry and song writing to the experts, the artistic types.

  11. Wow, you did both of them - very good! I liked them both - the second one especially because of the surprise element. Good stories!