of course we're building other exciting new stuff too

it's called progress and it's about time Adelaide had some.

mind you, it's costing a fair bit and there's been quite a lot of grumbling about it, but I think eventually it will all be worth it.


Stay tuned.....they're coming, just not today.

Oh alright then, here's one>>>

what do you suppose this is then?

I'll tell you on Thursday.


  1. It is what happens when an architect loses the plans.

  2. Right now it's a big hole in the ground. But that is promising in this economy. Go Adelaide.

  3. Go Adelaide - but retain some of your old world charm too.

  4. Andrew; that's funny.

    Manzanita; but it's a big hole with construction happening.

    Elephant's Child; I hope we retain some of the charm too, I hope we retain a lot of the charm. But Adelaide needs to grow.

  5. When I come to Adelaide I'm picking you up in a black Mercedes.

  6. R.H. smooth car. It had better be shiny with real leather seats. And aircon.

  7. You already showed us the hospital being built so it's not likely that....hmmm....how about an apartment building?

  8. Oh, wow, that medical research building in your last post looks amazing! I LOVE old buildings and architecture, but that new building sure is something to look at, too.

    Here in Atlanta, a lot of historical buildings have been demolished to make way for new more generic ones. For some crazy idea, even buildings 20-25 years old... perfectly good buildings... are considered "old" by the people in charge, so they push to have them replaced by new ones. Like our football stadium. Go figure. I don't even think of my clothes as being "old" until I've had them for at least thirty years...

  9. Every contractor tells one "Oh, we'll have that on Friday, or Monday..."
    I wonder if they have a phrase dictionary?

  10. Delores; nope.

    Susan; it's a beauty, yes? I'm not happy about historical buildings being demolished if they can be repurposed at all.

    Susan Kane; this project is about halfway done. I don't think they need a phrase dictionary, how hard is it to learn we'll have that by next week/month?


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