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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

they didn't win...

I think they were a little overwhelmed.
After all, it was their very first Grand Final.
And I believe they had a little stage fright as well.
They got over that, but not soon enough.

I don't normally watch football, (or any other sport), but my brother R and his lovely V live in Fremantle and go to all the Dockers games, so when they made it into the grand final, of course they got tickets and flew to Melbourne for the game.

So, too add a little luck to the mix, I promised to wear my purple socks for the day

and since it was freshly washed, I wore my purple t-shirt too.
Fremantle's colours are purple and white.

I tuned into the game in between dvds and saw the first Fremantle goal and saw some of the faces on the boys just before that goal. They were definitely looking a little....I hesitate to say scared....but they did look a little.... out of their comfort zone perhaps. Overwhelmed for sure. Stage fright.

By the end of the match they'd racked up quite a good score, so clearly they got comfortable once that first goal had been accomplished. And no, I didn't watch the whole game. I had a bunch of cowboy dvds that I'd bought cheaply and I watched three of them.

I understand that all grand finals are played on the Victorian ground?  I'd say that gives a small advantage to whichever Victorian team makes it to the GF. Having played on that oval several times in the preceding games, they'd have a "feel" for the ground, they're on home turf. So, immediately comfortable. It's something every incoming team has to overcome. Each time they make it to a grand final will be more comfortable for them.

So, good luck next year Freo, we hope to see you back there.


  1. No idea what we just discussed here, but I second all of it. Good luck next year, Freo.

  2. You are such a nice sister. Even love for my brothers wouldn't get me watching a football game. I might wear team colours though...

  3. They did well to get there - and they did well during the game from what I heard. A great morale booster for Freo supporters. Of which there are many - I have never seen so much purple as in the city in Melbourne on Friday.

  4. You are correct. All grand finals must be played at MCG, as far as I know. It was a great atmosphere Saturday morning, with Federation Square being a see of purple before they all marched off to the ground.

  5. I think I worked this out. This would be Australian Rules Football, where there doesn't seem to be any rules :)

    Nice sock.

  6. Joanne; this is our football grand final, between teams Hawthorn, (Hawks) a Melbourne team, and Fremantle (Freo Dockers), a Perth team. Fremantle has never made it to the grand final before this year.

    Elephant's Child; I didn't watch the whole game, I was watching cowboy dvds, but I tuned in to see the almost beginning, when Freo scored their first goal (Hawthorn already had 27 points up), then tuned in again later just in time to see the finish.

    Jackie K; I don't watch football, so don't know whether any particular team plays well or not, but they made it to the GF so clearly they did remarkably well this year. I saw the sea of purple on the news.

    Andrew; I saw that sea of purple just before I selected my first dvd.

    klahanie; yes, Aussie Rules. There are rules to the game, but I think only someone who follows the game intently for a hundred years can understand them. :)

  7. It has been judged the dullest Grand Final of all time. Freemantle kicked just one goal during the entire first half. Hawthorn slowed down from there on.
    What gripes me is Richmond having to play Carlton (a hoodoo team for Richmond)because Carlton were elevated into the finals due to an AFL mess up.

    Meanwhile CEO of the AFL, Alex the Greek Demetriou, gets $3m a year.


  8. Bummer. As we always say... maybe next year!

    My Falcons didn't win, either, but I'll still be cheering them on next week. (I'm a glutton for punishment.)

  9. R.H. $3m a year.....*goes off into daydreams*

    Susan; your Falcons didn't fly high enough? Maybe next week. Our footy season is about finished. The national Grand Final was last week and we have our local city Grand Final coming up this Saturday 5th and I'm hoping the Redlegs win, because my daughter used to be a cheerleader there, but I won't be watching the game, I don't generally watch sports.

  10. I never followed Aussie Rules much, league was the big thing here but they are always in the news these days they behave like a bunch of thugs, I quite liked Union for a bit but they are having trouble getting it together.
    I was backing you purple players but is it Victoria's game they have been doing it for a long time.
    Merle........ ............. ...........

  11. I have only just had time to check out this post of yours re the GF. As I commented to you earlier I could see the Freo players had stage fright as even the usually confident players looked so nervous and did silly things they would never normally do.. It is a game governed by the Victorians who have established teams in the other states to save many of the Victorian teams going to the wall. The rules of this game are simple and compared to the rugby games I don't think they act like thugs.
    Victoria will always reign supreme when it comes to Aussie Rules unless the other states get together and insist on more fairness on which games are played at which venue. Fremantle lost this game...Hawthorn didn't win it. I rest my case.

  12. Merlesworld; I'm very disappointed with our sports "stars" and all the bad stuff I hear on the news. I sometimes think footy should go back to the small town ovals on a Saturday afternoon type of game, where everyone was friends and knew each other and no one got paid the squillions of dollars they do now.

    Mimsie; now they've had a taste of grand final, I imagine they'll try hard to get there again and won't have the stage fright of their first time. They'll do a lot better. I agree with your last sentence.