Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, December 14, 2013

seems I forgot to schedule something for this morning

never mind, I'm here now.....

let me show you what I bought in Target a couple or three days ago.....

hard plastic serving spoons in bright Christmas colours.

But wait! There's more......

they have faces! Spoons with attitude!
I love them.

And then I went to K-Mart and bought these for my grandkids for Christmas...

these piggy banks are huge and the box underneath holds cookies.
Gosh I hope the kids don't find this page.
The piggies didn't look so big on the store shelf, but once I got them home....well you can see how big they are by comparing to the box of tissues behind them, that's a jumbo box of tissues.
Hopefully, the kids will put in some of their pocket money. Perhaps if I start them off with some coins..........

Would you like to see what else I bought?

Dieters should probably click away now........

I found these in Woolworths. Mini donuts! They're not too mini, more a small than a mini.
Snack size you might say.
Three flavours, chocolate, vanilla and sugar sprinkle, three of each, and each flavour comes in a separate cellophane package. 3X3.

But wait! There's more!

No No, not steak knives.....

More donuts! Larger than the minis, but not by much and this lot have choc-hazelnut filling. 

Yum!  Come on now, say it with me.....YUUUUM!!!

These and the minis are from the freezer section of the supermarket.
I've tried one of the choc-hazelnut ones and they're quite nice with a cup of coffee. 


  1. All great finds you found. I'm sure your grandkids will love those banks, so colorful! Wow, neat to hear there are still Woolworth stores out there; shopped at them years ago before they closed here. I bet those donuts will be good!


  2. Love the spoons with attitude and the pigs.
    Donuts are something I never developed a taste for. Given my size it is just as well.

  3. Love those spoons and the piggies too.
    Never mind the have to have pity on we who have diabetes as well. I must admit thought that Woolies do have delicious mini cupcakes which our family tend to have whenever there is an afternoon tea.
    When I was working in Melbourne back in 1950/51 I found a wonderful doughnut shop in the city and did develop a taste for them. You could see them in their window making the doughnuts which was quite fascinating. I must admit I did put on some weight while over there...doughnuts to blame? I was fortunate to lose it all after I'd been home under mum's tender care.

  4. I love those spoons! They have little personalities!

  5. betty; Woolworths is a big chain out here, in fierce competition with Coles. The two of them almost had the country tied up, but smaller independents are fighting back. Hooray!

    Elephant's Child; I don't eat a lot of donuts, those I bought are still in my freezer except for the one I taste tested. I do like Krispy Kremes and over here we have a similar type called Gourmet Glaze, very very yummy. I stay away from that store 99% of the time.

    Mimsie; forgot about the diabetics! Doughnuts are high in sugars AND fats, so a double whammy for you.

    Fran; They're so cheery, I may have to give them names.

  6. Haha! Is that the '3 wise monkeys' of spoon world?!?!?! Praise be that no one questions your food choices at Xmas time!!!!

  7. I have to get those spoons! They're fantastic. I couldn't see them on Target's online shopping, but will send my friend in Adelaide off to Target to have a look for me.

    The piggies are very sweet - and yes, I'm guessing that it's a good idea to start them off with a few coins so they get the idea.

    I'll pass on the doughnuts. I'm not really a sweets eater (it's the man of the house who is the choclatarian here) so they wouldn't tempt me, but go ahead if that's what you like. Now if it was a nice plate of antipasto I'd never be able to walk by...

  8. Red Nomad OZ; no one ever questions my food choices, I'm old enough to get away with what I want, ha ha. Hmmm, wise monkey spoons.....

    Marie; in the city Target they are downstairs with the catalogue items, I walked past them twice without seeing them, I had to ask an assistant to point them out.
    I shouldn't really have to start the kids off, they are 13 and 9, but if I do put a few coins in it may encourage them to keep saving. Or they may just scoop them out and spend as soon as I go home.
    I like sweet stuff, but don't eat doughnuts often, these will last in the freezer quite a long time.

  9. What a shopper you are. I love those little spoons.

  10. You sold me on chocolate hazelnut filling. You got some cute things!
    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  11. Naughty! But nice.

    Are you sure giving the kids such huge piggy banks is a good idea? They’ll expect you to help them fill them.

  12. Delores; they're big spoons, serving size, 31cm tall.

    Linda O'Connell; I always buy cute things, there's no point in buying ugly things.

    Friko; I'd planned on smaller ones, but they'd sold out, and I really don't have a clue about what else they might like. Next year, they'll join the older ones and get a gift card each from the store of their choice.

  13. Thanks for the tip. My friend is going into town today, so she'll have a look as she always parks there at the Target car park anyway. They are so cute.

  14. Marie; I hope she finds some for you. They're seriously cute.