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Thursday, December 12, 2013

this is one hungry hungry cat

Remember this from a few days ago?

I took this photo on November 29th, then didn't see her again until today.

I suspected she may have had her kittens, so was staying close to home, wherever home is.

I was at K's house this morning when Gus showed up, I fed him a small handful of dry cat food, then instead of hanging around, he took off.

About a half hour later I heard meowing by the back door and went to tell Gus he'd had enough, but it was the tabby, looking very hollow and sounding so very hungry.

She's had her kittens and because she is now feeding them, her appetite is enormous. I put out some dry food and while she was crunching through that, Gus came back.
I had the distinct feeling he'd gone to get her after his meal, because he hung around watching me watching her. I gave him a bit extra, then sat and watched the new mum for a minute.

It didn't take me long to decide she was really, really hungry, so I opened a can of fishy cat food and shared it between them. they polished it off in no time at all, then went back to the dishes with dry food and finished those too.

Tabby came to me for a scratch around the ears and purred quite a bit, I'm thinking this is her first away from home outing since the birth. She sat and washed her face before leaping up and over the fence.

The babies aren't anywhere in K's backyard, it's fairly empty, nowhere for any cat to hide and the front yard is Missy's domain, she would never let another cat in there.

I may do a letterbox drop in her immediate neighbourhood to see if I can locate the owner to let him/her/them know that I would like at least one of the kittens when they are old enough.


  1. I do hope that you find them. That kitten would have a most excellent home with you.
    And I love that Gus went back for her.

  2. Yes, I hope you resolve all mysteries, including mama's nest. They move the kittens about and sometimes lose one in the process.

  3. She's a beauty. If she finds a sustainable source of food (you) she may bring the kittens to you.

  4. What a heartwarming scenario with Gus taking care of her needs as well. He MUST be the daddy! I do hope you get one of her kittens in a few weeks. I like the idea of a letterbox drop as someone must have those kitties in their yard/garden shed/garage.

  5. When any my cats in my life have had kittens they keep then hidden for at least a month then they have presented them to the family so if you keep feeding her you might get the whole litter, is your cat the father.

  6. Good luck om becoming a new mama!!

  7. HHHMMMmm... although it seems unlikely in your case, 'starving' cats can be having you on!! I heard of a cat owner who suspected her cat was being fed elsewhere so put a note on its collar asking for anyone else feeding the cat to give her a call!! She got EIGHT calls!!!!

  8. I know...often I can be a hard-nose but I guess that is why I'm a survivor. But, your story softened my heart. I do hope you can get one of the kittens. You know I took this Puss in and she wouldn't let me within 15 feet of her at first but now after a year of good food, she's on my lap the moment I sit down. In fact, she just took her little paw and patted my leg.... meaning " feed me." I didn't think I ever wanted another cat, but things just happen.
    You are so good to those cats and they know it and appreciate you. So do I.

  9. Maybe you could put out several new "homes" meant to entice her to bring her kittens to you.

  10. She does have lovely markings River, I hope the kitties turn up, she may bring them along sometime!
    My daughter's big old male cat brought a (feral) pal home one night - straight through the cat flap and into the kitchen and shared his supper with him (the humans all froze as they were in disbelief) The feral left, and my daughter never saw him again.
    Animals are amazing!

  11. Do hope you do find the kitties and can have one eventually. Awfully nice of you to feed the mama; beautiful looking cat!


  12. Elephant's Child; I'm hoping the letterbox drop will help. I've printed it with a photo of the cat, asking for owner to contact me at my email address.

    Joanne; I certainly hope she doesn't lose any of them. If left undisturbed she may not move them about.

    Delores; I'm only there a couple of times a week, I live on the other side of town.

    Marie; I'm not sure how old either cat is, but if any of the kittens look like Gus, we'll know for sure.

    Merlesworld; I don't have a cat, Gus isn't mine, he just appears on my daughter's back porch for food along with the tabby.

    fishducky; fingers crossed here. I was in a pet shop today looking at beds and scratching posts.

    Red Nomad OZ; eight calls!! Not too surprising really, cats get around and they seem to learn where food will be given pretty quickly.

    Manzanita; I'm glad your cat "took" to you, she must be so glad you took her in and gave her a safe home.

    Linda; no, I'll leave her in peace wherever she is. I don't live close enough to be enticing her away.

    Rose~from Oz; that's rather unusual, bringing a feral inside. Perhaps he owed her a dinner.

    betty; just have to wait and see now.

  13. I am a 100% dog person, but I read so many bloggers and their cat posts, I could easily turn. As I currently live in a pet free environment (by choice) It probably won't happen, but I could see a cat growing on me...and kittens...dang they are almost as cute as puppies.

  14. Such a lovely cat! Hopefully, you will get a new kitten from this beautiful creature.

  15. joeh; pet free is remarkably easy, no cleaning, no feeding, no walking, but I think I'm ready for a cat again. It's been twelve years.

    Susan Kane; she is gorgeous and I hope the kittens look like her.

  16. Best of luck with your search for mother cat and hope you are able to get one or two kittens for yourself. She is a fine looking cat and seems to be in excellent health too. You'd think her owners would be feeding her but perhaps not enough now she has kittens to feed. Await with bated breath to hear the outcome of your letterbox drop. A wonderful idea to add the cat photo.

  17. Mimsie; the kittens won't be ready to leave mum until February, so I'm in for a long wait. If I miss out, I'll rescue a kitten form the animal shelter.