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Thursday, March 13, 2014

not much of a post today

honestly I don't know where my brain is.
my mind is so scattered, I've been buried in a book and surfacing is hard.

so here's a couple of talking points I heard on the news.

First point:

That missing Malaysian airplane with over 200 passengers and crew.
It's my opinion that plane has been hijacked.
Here's why...its communications and radar systems were turned off. It deliberately flew off course before vanishing. Some of the passengers are now known to be flying with falsified passports.
If there had been a crash, something should have shown up by now in the searches currently underway.
So I think it has purposely flown somewhere it shouldn't have  and the people at that destination are hiding it and the passengers.

I want to know why and I want to know why all passports were not thoroughly checked before boarding was allowed.

Next point:

You've all heard about the new credit card laws coming into effect?

Not paying off your cards, missing a payment, or making late payments (more than 5 days late), will now earn you a black mark against your financial history and that will stay there for two years.
So, make a payment on your card statement more than five days late, forget about it, then eighteen months or two years later suddenly find you can't get a loan because there is a black mark against you.

How's that for sneaky?
"they" are saying this will be to help people get on top of their credit card debts, will help people to  budget....well, it might not help everybody. I heard one woman interviewed on the news who stated that she used a credit card to pay her bills. It would seem she has credit going around and around on her cards with none of it ever actually getting paid off. If she always pays on time, this might not be so bad, but if she misses a payment.....

Well, there it is, a couple of things to think about and I'll dive back into my book.


  1. I had that thought about the airplane...but....I also heard about an Air France plane that took almost five years to find.

  2. It is so devastating for the relatives and friends of those aboard that missing plane. The not knowing must be hell.

  3. I go with you theory, except I cannot believe anyone took 230 cell phones from 230 fingers before someone texted home. So, my second choice is pilot suicide. My heart breaks for those families...

  4. I fully understand the "buried in a book" mode. It's myt default position :-)

    Whilst speculation is rife about MH370, the fact remains: we won’t know what happened until they find wreckage, the Flight Data Recorders and can piece it all together. It seems almost unfathomable that in this day and age a plane can simply ‘vanish’ without at least some notification that something is wrong.

    But in the meantime, 239 families are feeling the loss of loved ones. My thoughts go to the families and friends – especially the little children who may never see their dad again.

  5. It certainly is a mystery re the Malayaian Airline jet. I've held similar thoughts to yours. There seems to be a lot of inconsistencies, too...time will tell. I feel for the families, loved ones and friends; it's unimaginable what they must be going through...the waiting and waiting....

    I heard on the news last night that family members and friends are ringing the missing on their mobile phones...and the phones are ringing out. It was stated that wouldn't happen if the plane had crashed into the ocean. It's very strange, just vanish like that with no prior alerts to trouble.

  6. My heart goes out to everyone who is yearning for news of their loved ones. I don't know, as Marie says we can't know, what happened. But the pain and the anguish are real despite that.
    A book sounds a very welcome escape.

  7. It seems unfathomable that a plane can just disappear without trace in this day and age, and with everyone owning a mobile phone.
    It must have been a very well planned operation that made sure no one got the chance to call or text.
    But, I wonder what is the point, if no one knows the reason this was planned/staged? Wouldn't there be some sort of declaration left behind somewhere stating "their cause" if it was hijacked?
    Has it crashed? Surely, there would be some debris found by now if the plane ended in the water?
    Or, is it more sinister, and innocent people are held in fear right now.
    So many questions.
    I wonder if it will all become apparent in due time.
    Very frightening.
    I can't begin to imagine the pain that the relatives are going through as they wait every second of the day and night for news.

    As for the banks and their "tightening up" policy. Don't get me started.

  8. Delores; five years?? That's awful.

    Molly; the not knowing for those at home is the worst thing right now.

    Joanne; I hadn't thought of pilot suicide or all those cell phones.

    Marie; buried in a book is my favourite place to be.
    I can't begin to imagine the sorrow of the families who are left to wonder what has happened.

    Lee; that's certainly odd about the phones ringing out, I hadn't heard that and I'll miss the news tonight because I'll be at Tai Chi class. I'll try and catch the late edition.

    Elephant's Child; my heart has an ache around it too. This is one reason I read so much. To escape from real life which too often makes me cry.

    Vicki; I'd say definitely planned and very well too, to have vanished so completely. My first thought was Bermuda Triangle, but then I saw the plane was nowhere near that area. I'm hoping innocent people aren't being held in fear, but without crash evidence....

    Banks. I agree, let's not get started.

  9. "I want to know why and I want to know why all passports were not thoroughly checked before boarding was allowed."

    It's Malaysia and it was the best airport I have ever used, with no long passport queues, no immigration bother, no quarantine bother. Clearly this is the problem and I expect things will change there.

    The missing place is very mysterious, as is the behaviour of the authorities.

  10. Andrew; the non-checking of passports was mentioned on the news here and I was stunned, how is that allowed to happen? No quarantine either? So anyone coughing up a lung and feverishly sneezing on everybody is allowed to pass through? No wonder all those Asian flu's are arriving in Aus!

  11. Lots of conflicting reasons, stories etc. Will we ever learn the truth. Just horrific for all concerned.
    I must admit I've not taken much notice of new credit card rules. Phil and I pay ours in full each month so no worries. I've never understood how people use theirs to pay bills or sometimes withdraw cash. Obviously they've never been taught how to manage their money. I had a friend and she and her hubby used to buy their groceries on their credit card and the total owing was HUGE. She eventually went into Unicard and asked them to cut up the card and allow them to pay it off. I think she learnt her lesson and that was about 30+ years ago before credit cards became the rage.

  12. Mimsie; there's a "special" on TV tonight about the missing plane, which annoys me a little because I was looking forward to watching a new episode of Bones.

    I don't use my credit card at all. It's a debit card but I can access credit if I want to. I never want to. I use cash, if I can't afford something I don't buy it. I'll save if I really want something, then buy it.