Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I won't bore you with is Angel playing with his favourite toy.
I call it mousie, but it looks more like a guinea pig.

I certainly hope this works after telling various people it would be here.....


  1. There is still a bit of tiger in a domestic cat. Mousie will never stand a chance.

    I must have been hovering over the keyboard when I saw your new post pop up!

  2. He is such a cutie and has obviously settled right in. And yes, mousie is doomed.

  3. What a little sweetheart..I love his little white socks. As an added bonus, I got to listen to Australian radio. Thanks for that. Post lots more pictures and videos of your little Angel.

  4. Mousie is well and truly dead . . . . . until next time.
    I love watching dogs and cats having fun.

  5. Very cute, and nice markings.

  6. You call your kitty Angel let me know if he lives up to his name mine are all naughty.
    He is a cutie.

  7. I am not a fan of cats.

    But Angel is pretty damn cute.

    Don't tell anyone I said that.

  8. Oh River, he is gorgeous and has settled in so well with you.
    He has white socks like Precious and somehow they keep them so clean.
    Looking forward to more pics of Angel and it was also great to hear your voice as well.

  9. Meant to tell you. Kakka has just brought home a 6 month old kitten to be a companion for Mad Max (she hopes they will get on). On Facebook we've all been suggesting names for him. Great fun.

  10. Susan Kane; mousie is standing up surprisingly well. So far.

    Elephant's Child; he was settled by the second day. He's grown a bit too and now now leaps onto things he couldn't reach, I've had to clear surfaces of things that might break when he knocks them down.

    Delores; I won't do too many videos, that short minute took almost three and a half hours to load on here. (Yet you tube videos load instantly)

    Friko; mousie is tougher than he looks. And has many cousins at the local supermarket for $6.

    fishducky; isn't he just! Bless his little socks.

    Andrew; I was hoping one of the kittens would have markings like the mother, but none do. Angel is just perfect anyway.

    Joanne; he is and likes cuddles too, scratches under the chin is his favourite.

    Merle; Angel by name, devil by nature. But not all the time.

    Kelley; I'll zip my lip, but I can't promise for everyone else who reads here.

    Mimsie; thanks, he settled so quickly, it was meant to be. I'm glad Kakka has adopted a new kitten. You'll be pleased to know another one of the backyard kittens found a good home today. The black and white one, a miniature copy of his mother. So there are only two kittens left there now.

  11. Good video. Isn't it amazing the way cats can play and stretch their bodies. The cat I took in is very old but she still has moments that burst with playfulness, not as much as Angel but she does OK for an old broad. Ha.

  12. Oh, so cute! He sure looks like he's having fun.
    And well done - you did it!
    I can link up YouTube videos but had no luck when I tried to link my own video clip - it was apparently too big in file size even though it only lasted a few seconds.
    Yours worked well - this looks great!

  13. SO sweet! Wow! He's going to add a little pep to your place, and that's for sure!

  14. Manzanita; I would love to have just half that flexibility.

    Jackie K; this short clip (91.2MB) took almost three and a half hours to load from my files. I gave up and had a nap on the couch, when I woke up it was loaded.

    Christine; pep and happiness and shredded shower curtains, chewed shoelaces, scratched up hands. And I love him.

  15. He's such a little charmer and so energetic. I can see a pampered life ahead for him. ♥ ♥

  16. Marie; I wish I had half his energy. He won't be too pampered.

  17. After a brief absence from the computer, I was secretly hoping for a pic of Angel when I came to your post, and am absolutely delighted to see a video!
    He is a playful bundle of joy, and a real stunner.

  18. Vicki; there won't be many videos as they take too long to load, but there will be photos, just not every day.