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Thursday, February 12, 2015

Thursday Thoughts #33

"I think if you spent some time with him, you'd benefit by it."
"Aren't I a little old to be an apprentice?"
"Stop learning, start're never too old to learn."

Vince grinned, and just for a second he didn't look at all non-descript. He had the kind of smile that could change the climate of a room."

"...and I found myself face-to-face with two dozen men wearing body armor and pointing sleek looking high-tech assault rifles at the end of my nose. I did absolutely nothing. Carefully."
Harry Dresden.

I have a problem with wet hands. If I'm doing something where the hands need to be wet, cleaning the shower, washing dishes, that's okay, but as soon as I'm finished I'll dry my hands. Thoroughly. No dampness allowed.

In the early mornings, once Angel has finished annoying the heck out of me, he'll settle in front of the keyboard for his purring ear scratching routine. When my stomach insists that it is way past time for breakfast I'll shoo him off (Angel) and wash my hands. And dry them. Thoroughly. No dampness allowed. 

Spoon yoghurt into a bowl, add the cold pressed oils; one teaspoon of flaxseed oil, two teaspoons of apricot kernel oil, then remember that I have to wash the apricots before chopping them into the yoghurt. Again, my hands get wet and need to be dried. Thoroughly. No dampness allowed. 

Chop the apricots, add them to the yoghurt with my now sticky fingers and wash&dry the hands for the third time in less than half an hour. 

This sort of thing continues throughout the day. 
I swear I spend more time washing and drying my hands than I do on anything else. 


  1. You'll need a gallon jug of hand lotion to keep from drying out completely.

  2. If we are all programmed to ingest x amount of dirt in our lifetimes, I think I've been eating yours!!

  3. I'm a hand wiper. Generally on my pants.

  4. I've not taken much notice, but I would wash and dry my hands many times a day. I don't dry them so thoroughly though.

  5. It could be a little obsessive, but I guess I wash my hands a lot, too, now that you've got me thinking about it...maybe not as obsessively as you describe. You're not doing any harm to long as you're not causing any harm to the skin on your hands...keep washing and drying, I say. :)

    Then again, when I was cooking in restaurants my hands were in and out of water all day and night long. It's one reason why I never wore gloves when I was cooking professionally. I could see no point in them, and I still don't because I was washing my hands all the time...they were much cleaner than any synthetic gloves would ever be.

  6. "'re never too old to learn."
    So, so, so true.

    Working with clay means my hands are wet constantly. So, I'm used to it. Drying them after each hand dunk into a clay filled water-slurry bucket isn't an option, because they'd only be wet again within seconds. And, my hands can be wet for hours when I'm working most of the day in my studio.
    They're tough and gnarly - almost beyond "water prune" stage these days :D
    I just make sure I wash and dry my hands after working with clay, and before doing anything else, especially before going to the kitchen.

    I do have one bug bear though... damp hand towels. Ergh. They skeeve me out! If I wash my hands in the kitchen or bathroom/laundry, I want to dry them on DRY towels, not damp, soggy towels. I have a bulging tea-towel drawer filled with hand towels to be kept by the sink so I can dry my hands immediately.
    If the towel is damp - into the laundry for a wash it goes.

    And, I well remember the public toilets that used to have those long pull down (continuous) fabric towel holders. They would often be wet. Aaaargh!

  7. Delores; I have a 750ml bottle of Sorbolene lotion in the bathroom, a 500ml bottle in the kitchen and a tube in each handbag/backpack, plus one I leave at my daughter's house.

    fishducky; you're welcome to it, I probably had more than my fair share as a small child, always outside climbing trees.

    Joanne; I do that too, if I'm just brushing off something dry. But if I'm about to prepare food, I'll wash them.

    Andrew; damp hands annoy me, I have to dry them, otherwise I get too many smudges on things like my glasses, my screen here, my kindle screen.

    Lee; not obsessive, just don't want cat hair in my sandwich, or sticky food juices on my utensils handles, not on my keyboard either. if I'm switching between tasks where it doesn't matter, I won't bother.

    Vicki; I try hard not to learn new stuff, but it creeps into my brain in spite of myself. (*~*)
    I can see your point in not washing and drying while working with your clay, I wouldn't either, until I'd finished of course.
    I'm with you on the damp towels too, hate them, so my "hand towels" are regular bath towels in the bathroom, in the kitchen I have a large apron hanging up and use that.

  8. "Deep Heat and painkillers"? We appear to have something in common, i.e. a life spent in pain.

    What with all that determined hand-drying, I daresay that if you were a nurse--my wife recently retired from nursing--you would have splits even worse than most nures.

  9. Snowbrush; welcome back. I have much less pain these days, since I retired I can stop and lie down if I've been doing too much and beginning to feel it. This latest soreness is from carrying something home from a far away shop, walking was quicker than catching two buses. I do get splits, mostly at the edges of my thumbnails, painful things they are too, makes buttoning things quite difficult.

    1. I would strongly recommend Moisturel Lotion for those splits. My nurse-wife loves it, and I've done a lot of year-round work outdoors, and I also love it. Around here anyway, it's hard to find it in stores, so we gave up and started ordering it off Amazon. It's well worth the price.