Sometimes on the way to your dream,

you get lost and find a better one.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

better late than never Thursday Thoughts #50

from Explosive Eighteen, a Stephanie Plum novel by Janet Evanovich

"My family solves problems with silence and meatloaf. Our philosophy is if you don't talk about a problem it might go away. And if it doesn't go away, there's always meatloaf, mac and cheese, roast chicken, pineapple upside down cake, pasta, potatoes, or baloney on white bread to take your mind off unpleasant things."

(Hmmm, sounds a lot like my family)

Moving on...
I should have written this last night, and scheduled it, but somehow the fact is was Wednesday slipped my mind. 
I could put it down to spending rather a lot of time in the dentist's chair getting a tooth drilled out and rebuilt.
I could also put it down to not reading anything worthwhile in the papers, certainly nothing I'd spend time thinking about.
Or I just plain forgot. 

I've been doing a lot of daydreaming lately, imagining my garden growing and glowing with multi-coloured succulents. Of course for that to happen, I'd first have to plant them and right now they're all on my front porch; the original plants I bought and the pots with leaf and stem pieces I planted, hoping they'll grow.
They seem to have survived last night's low temperature, we got down to 3C and the morning air was quite frosty, although there wasn't any frost on the ground. I meant to throw a sheet over the pots before going to bed, but I forgot that too. 

I've also been daydreaming over a house plan I found in the real estate pages last year. I'd clipped it out and stuck it in my 'dream folder' and came across it the other day. I sat staring at it thinking how perfect it seemed to me, it's such a simple plan, then I started planning furniture for the rooms......oh boy! 
Talk about getting carried away. Hours passed as I searched old magazines for pictures of sofas, dining tables, bedroom suites. 
I haven't done this in quite a while, having promised myself I'd give up foolish dreams of things I simply cannot afford, but you know what? That was the happiest afternoon I've had in ages. 

Now I'm telling myself why should I give up dreaming? Why not keep house plans and pictures of furniture that might suit those particular rooms. it passes the time and certainly makes me feel happy seeing a house "come together", even if it isn't real. Or mine. 

This morning I was at the library looking for magazines on French Style furniture and decor. There weren't any, so I asked the desk assistant if she could find any at other libraries and she found quite a few that sounded like they might have interesting pictures and ideas. 

I've already seen plenty of Australian and English ideas, those magazines are available at newsagents and supermarkets as well as libraries, but there's not much on French homes, and this particular house plan says "France" to me.
What's the secret here? Do the French want to keep their fabulous lifestyles all to themselves? 
I'm looking forward now to the magazines arriving at my library :)


  1. Never, ever give up your dreams. Sometimes I think they are a wonderful way to keep a grip (of sorts) on sanity.
    I hope your magazines arrive quickly - and that your poor mouth is feeling better today.

  2. Don't give up your dreams, River. There's nothing foolish about them.

    I say this with great knowledge and experience because I do similar! I spend hours pouring over houses and their lay-outs etc; which ones suit me and which ones that don't...and so on and so on. I find it to be a most pleasant pastime.

    In is can make it whatever you dream it to be. :)

  3. Elephant's Child; my mouth is fine, thank you. Yesterday's dentistry was completely painless, just took a long time and my face was asleep for quite a few hours after. That's normal for me, but I hate trying to drink a coffee when my lip and cheek won't move properly. I've started a whole new folder just for that one dream house :)

    Lee; I told myself it was foolish to dream of things that will never happen, but I was wrong. The dreaming and planning are the best parts of my days. I even threw out many of the house plans I had with the pictures and landscaping I'd planned around them. But I have a whole new folder now, with this one house in it :)

    Melissa Joy; What????

  4. Melissa Joy is a spammer. :) Hit the delete button on those comments! ;)

    I still have my favourite ever house plan saved away. I saw it in Adelaide at one of the display villages, it had a loft entertainment room. It seemed a little weird to have a whole set of stairs leading just to that one room, but I could see how awesome it could be. It even had windows up there, set in the roof.

    Let yourself dream - and for what it is worth, there is nothing wrong with checking out some display homes to see what the latest goings on are, if you have some nearby and feel so inclined. We have a friend who is building so we did a tour recently with them of display homes and there are some amazing ideas out there. :)

  5. The only thing foolish about dreams is giving them up. I've just started a folder for a 'coastal cottage' type house... race ya!

  6. Dreams they make living worthwhile, we should all have a dream world to go to when we need to.
    I love house and garden magazines, I have some from the seventies, I have stopped buying them as I never throw them out.

  7. Cactus like chilly overnight temperatures, as they would experience in their natural environment. I love seeing house plans, Can't you do another soon? Shall you furnish your flat in French Provincial?

  8. My perfect house already exists. Tiny, perfect for one. Sadly, I'll never live there.
    Actually, go to the comments section of Blogger, mark Melissa as spam and delete. Then go to the spam section and delete her again. That way blogger is notified and she (?) is blocked. She visited me overnight, too.

  9. Nice to dream, sometimes they say dreams come true, so if you dream there is just a chance.
    Hope your mouth is alright..
    Cacti, well some of them like very cool nights as most cacti live in the desert.

  10. What was that song, "Whenever I want you all I have to do is dream..." Sometimes better than nothing.

  11. Sounds like a fun harmless hobby that brings you joy. Dream away!
    One of my daughters does a similar thing, drawing up house or bedroom plans and collecting pictures of stuff she'd like to put in them. Though she gets a little crabby when she remembers it's not actually going to happen.

  12. Snoskred; I knew she was, I've just gone into comments and spammed her then deleted all spam. I meant to do it yesterday.
    I think I know the house plan you have; is it called Tusmore Loft by a builder I can't remember?
    I look at display homes online and noticed my feelings have changed about a lot of the ones I used to like.

    Jac; I like the idea of a coastal cottage, close to the beach and with trees behind. Have you ever seen the TV show on ABC called Death in Paradise? About an English detective from London who goes to the island of st Marie I think, (the series is shot on the island of Guadeloupe) and they put him up in a shack on the beach. I love that shack and want it for myself. Or something similar.

    Merle; I had stacks of magazines when I moved here and threw most of them out after a quick look through. I have a few newer ones now, but don't keep them as I don't have storage space. I tear out the pages I want to keep and toss the rest.

    Andrew; I don't have cactus, but I imagine succulents would like the same conditions. I'd forgotten deserts get very cold at night. Another house plan? I'll have to start saving a few online. Perhaps you could do a house plan now and again. I'd love to do my flat in French Provincial if only I had the necessary $$$

    Joanne; my perfect house exists on paper, I drew the plan myself, modified from one I saw in the paper. I'll never have the money to build it though.
    I've already deleted Melissa and the new one that appeared today, marked them both as spam first.

    whiteangel; my mouth is fine thank you. I'd forgotten that deserts get very cold overnight, so I won't worry about my succulents anymore. I'll just hope the cutting grow enough by spring to be planted out.
    I'll keep my dream alive :)

    joeh; I remember that song, by the Everly brothers. I also like Hold on Tight to Your Dream by ELO. I think of it every time I open my dream folder.

    Jackie K; perhaps your daughter has a future as an architect or interior decorator. That's one way she could put those dreams to use and possible earn enough to have her own dream house one day.

  13. River - yes, that is the very one I meant! :) It is Rossdale homes, they also do some fabulous townhouse designs.

  14. Snoskred; I remembered the builder today as I walked past their offices on my afternoon walk.

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