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Monday, June 8, 2015

Monday Musings

taking the place of Musical Monday....

I've been spending a lot of time lately with my new best friends.

The lint rollers.

You all know what these are, right? Little roller thing on a stick, covered with sticky paper, (the roller not the stick), used to roll lint and hairs etc off anything/everything. 
One of mine cost me just a couple of dollars at the cheap as chips store and came with two refill rolls of sticky sheets. About twenty sheets per roll I think. They got used up in no time at all. The other roller plus a four pack of refill sheets, I got at Ikea. I think it was $4. With 60 sheets per roll, the refill pack was only $2, so a better bargain.

See, here's the thing...I'm happy enough to look at the fluff on the floor and think, "I'll vacuum tomorrow", (or next week, you know how that goes). 
The rug on the couch that Angel loves so much is almost a different colour now that it is covered in cat hair.And I don't care.
But I don't like cat hairs and fluff on my clothes and I really don't like cat hairs in or on my bed. Sorry, Angel's bed. (*~*)

So here's what happens. I make the bed in the mornings by stripping it all back to the end of the bed, and smoothing the bottom sheet. It's white, so cat hairs show up easily. Out comes the lint roller. I run it over the sheet until the sticky paper can't collect any more, tear off that sheet, and go over the sheet again until there is no more hair being picked up. 

Then I move on to the top sheet. 

Because Angel crawls in between the sheets when I'm not looking, this sheet has cat hair on both sides, some picked up from the bottom sheet, others from Angel sleeping between top sheet and quilt when he isn't under the bed or under the couch. So I have to run the lint roller over both sides, then over the quilt. Again, both sides. There's another, thinner quilt on top of all that, but it's silk (cheap magazine deal) and no cat hair sticks to it.
And I lint roller my pillow. 
I have four pillows on the bed, but only sleep with one, so three get stacked on the floor at bedtime and Angel doesn't go anywhere near them. No lint rollering needed.

All of this takes up a heck of a lot of time, at least half an hour, sometimes 45 minutes, so I try to get it done before I even eat breakfast, because if I plan to go anywhere that day, there's no way I'll get the bed rollered after I get home.

Then there's my clothes. Fleecy tracksuit pants. Polar fleece tops. And cat hairs. You can see where this is going, right? 
I've now divided my clothes into house and going out. Stuff I wear around the house doesn't get lint rollered nearly as often as stuff I'd like to leave the house in. 
Maybe I should shop at the Asian stalls in the market and get some of those quilted silk pyjamas to wear around the house? They'd be warm and cat hair wouldn't stick.

My other best friend is the DVD player. 
You know all the rubbish on TV? I don't watch it. 
I have DVDs.


  1. I bought a lint brush, the kind that goes against its grain to get lint, and Toby hairs. Not the cheap ones the handle breaks off or the line cloth rips away. I found one online that looked the the ones I bought twenty years ago for ten dollars. Now they were twenty plus shipping. So, I bought two for twice the price but no more shipping and gave one to my sister. If you're interested, I'll find them again and give you the link.

  2. Ikea bargains are amazing ;)

    There is certainly some rubbish, but, I believe Monday nights on the ABC are worth watching. Australian Story is always great, Four Corners have been doing some stellar work this year, Media Watch is either hilarious or terrifying and Tony Jones with Q&A is usually an interesting watch, if only to see Tony say "I'll take that as a comment".

    I usually tune in for the 7:30 report most weeknights, if I remember to. :)

    SBS often has some good stuff on as well. :)

  3. Everything in this house has a patina of cat hair. I am in awe at your diligence on the sheets.
    Some years ago I had to take a teaspoon of dust from the vaccuum to an allergist. What I took him was a teaspoon of dirty cat hair.

  4. You're far more industrious than I am re cat hair, River. Although, I do remove if from my clothes before I go out if I spot cat hair or other flecks of whatever else, but as for going over my bed each morning like you do with yours...nope.

    I've a couple of those cheap lint rollers, too, to do the job on my clothes.

  5. I am highly allergic to cat, I literally wheeze and cough and splatter within minutes. Just reading this post made my eyes itchy, and my nose started to run.
    You should get one of those gloves that remove loose pet hair by stroke the pet twice a day, rinse off, will save you lots of time and money.

  6. Joanne; thank you. I read my emails before coming here and sent you a reply.

    Snoskred; the trouble here is I don't like those types of programs. I don't watch to learn stuff, I watch to be mindlessly entertained. I don't have SBS at all, it dropped out when I moved here and I haven't bothered to program it back in as I never watched it anyway.

    Elephant's Child; a vacuum full of cat hair! mine has the cat hair, fluff, dust, odd tiny toys (Angel's) that get sucked up from under the bed or fridge; I really must buy new bags for it soon.

    Lee; I'm fussy about my bed, but for a while didn't notice cat hair on my clothes until one day when on the bus, the sun shone through the window onto my jacket sleeve which looked fuzzy suddenly. oh no! I'm 'that woman on the bus-with the cat hair!' Now I check my jacket before I leave the house and I have pants that are cat hair free to wear out, changing out of them as soon as I get back home.

    mm; I've asked about those gloves and no one seems to know what I'm talking about. Even at pet shops, those big barn-like places that have absolutely everything for your pet, they haven't heard of them. Can you email me with a brand name perhaps? Is there a common name such as 'pet grooming glove' maybe?
    My oldest grand daughter is also highly allergic, less than you, but when she came to visit recently, Angel was out on the back porch hiding and E started feeling stuffy nosed and itchy within half an hour, even though I had cleaned off the couch and removed his blanket.

  7. A white cat and my favourite dark clothes don't go well together so I just tell myself that I'm wearing Cashmere, fluffy Cashmere.

  8. JahTeh; that's a good idea :)

  9. We had problems when we had Precious as she shed all the time but as she seldom slept other than on the end of the bed it didn't cause a nuisance in or on the bed.
    I used to find when I dusted that it was fine cat hair (so tiny) and it got stuck on the overhead fans and everywhere. Now Candy is with us and she has short hair we find it actually sticks into our clothing so we have to pull it out but much less work than with Precious.
    I couldn't do what you do each day as I can't stand up for that length of time. (*:*)

  10. Brushing your cat more frequently may help. But I use masking tape on my hand - cheaper. Another thing to do is use used dryer sheets on upholstered chairs and stuff. Just gives it something else to do before it goes in the bin.

  11. Mimsie; it's the tiny fine hair that drives me bananas, it lands on everything! often I make a cup of coffee and when taking that first sip, get cat hair in my mouth. Ugh. As for the bed, I do all the lint rollering, make the bed, then have to sit down for quite a while to get over it.
    Angel doesn't sleep on my pillow much, just early in the morning when he is trying to get me up after my second sleep. I go back to bed after I ger his 3.30-4am breakfast.

    Happy Christine; brushing would help a lot, but Angel doesn't like to be brushed. I keep trying and he keeps biting at the brush and running away :( I no longer have upholstered chairs, just one small leather couch, easily washed over.